My boys are 4 years apart and you would hardly know it. They are thick as thieves. And even though they march to the beat of their own drum they harmonize wonderfully together.

When it comes to exploring life’s wonders, sharing secrets and walking the land of fantasies these two guys are shoulder to shoulder always.

They truly do have each others backs, put each others best interest first and are always looking out for one another.

Living life out loud and fully devoured…absolutely! One is definitely more of a show boat but our little man is starting to hold his own in the theatrics department.

It is so touching and heart warming knowing that we can rest easy at night assured of the bond that our boys have developed. That they will walk tall together as men shoulder to shoulder through life’s harsh challenges and obstacles. Our guys, our babies, our sweet angels who are growing up so quickly. They will always be the best of friends and never let the other come to harm. How that thought TICKLES us so.

Ummm…oops! Please disregard that last part. It seems we may have jumped the gun. It looks like someone needs to work on the whole have each others back concept just a wee bit more.

M1 you don’t try and ambush your poor unsuspecting little brother while he is contemplating what it would be like to live the life of a minnow. You don’t see minnow brethren trying to take each others heads off do you? Nope, they are always moving gracefully and quickly in unison through the waters. Fleeing from crabs… bigger fish… nets…and the inevitable life at the end of a hook.

On second thought keep playing as you are monkeys. I have a feeling that little man is going to be bigger than you one day soon M1 and the tables will be turned. Until then you had better sleep with one eye open or are you forgetting that he shares a room with you?


Tickled Red

PS: M1 didn’t strike M2 I promise. Our oldest loves to ham it up when anyone is around to watch. He should be on the stage…maybe one day.