Usually, as y’all know I’m a giant jabber-jaw. This time though I’ll let the photos tell the story of our Halloween fun in the sun. To be honest I’m so sore from being bent over double most of the day laughing, that trying to form a coherent thought is entirely out of the question. I have 2000 plus photos and a bit of color from running around capturing everyone’s shenanigans. At least my costume’s set for tomorrow. Do you think it’s too soon for Rudolph to make an appearance?

May your Halloween adventures bring you stitches in your side, wheezing lungs and deep laugh lines.


Love you guys,

Tickled Red


Shenanigans below but wait for it…wait for it.

Almost every Halloween I carve the pumpkin. It’s not because my darlin’ can’t wield a knife or has a phobia of squash or anything. It just happens to fall into what he calls the “Artsy” category. The way he thinks is Red + art(crafts)2 x cooking= Artsy Category. I’m cool with that, I have control issues so it works out well. Not to mention I have a tendency to go over the top. I adore the painted and carved lantern pumpkins that I found on Country Living’s website. I had planned on making a couple of those this year but I love the pumpkins that my guys carved even better. Also the memory of an afternoon full of laughter is one that I will carry with me always.

This year my surfer took over and since he can’t draw he put the boys to work stretching their creative wings. I’m digging the sudo Elvis sideways growl and the mustache above the nose.

Where I would have been flinging pumpkin from the cabinets to the top of the ceiling carving a pumpkin in the kitchen he, being the manly construction worker/coach that he is, set up a completely organized work station outside. Okay, but you’re missing all the fun of stepping in pulp darlin’.

Isn’t it simply amazing when you take a gander at the insides of a pumpkin? I have always marveled at how it must grow in order to get all of those strings of pulp.

My little man loves pumpkins the most. He names them, he pats them on the ummm… head? And he loves to feel the different textures.

Then in the blink of an eye he turns all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on me. Arrgh…I’ve got his brain pan Bwhahahaha!”

Look at my baby up to his elbows digging around in the mushy entrails of a pumpkin. In his own mush filled paradise. Of course his macabre enthusiasm sucked in his big brother who enjoys a good lobotomy as much as the next guy but won’t get as down and dirty as his little brother.

“Whatcha got there M2?”

“Look I’ve nabbed his liver!!”

“Let me see that! Wait, if I go in from the front I can pull out his nasal cavity. No more sinus problems for this guy.”

“Aww man…I wanted to do that. Oh cool intestines!! I’m going for the kidneys next, move over.”

Uh oh! I know that look Mr. blue eyes. You’re not fooling anyone here so what are you scheming bub? Watch out M2 he’s up to no good.

SPLAT! Yep knew it. It only takes once to get things going with my guys. First it’s a big ole’ glob of pulp flung on an arm.

Then it’s a shoulder all smeared and splattered.

Next some little toes take a hit and try to curl back in on themselves…ew, ew, ew!

Then…it’s war.

Bwhahahaha…Oh yeah! That’s gotta feel slimy sliding down your neck little man {shiver…yuck!}.

Hey M2 your hair’s looking good today. It’s all silky and shiny, what are you using Aussie products or something new?

Oh my word! Go ahead and laugh it up fuzzball because you’re doing the laundry tonight M1. Remember those pumpkin seeds I needed for Pam’s delicious salad? Now you all know what happened to them.

You know what y’all, I’ll take my guys homemade shenanigans filled afternoon of carving pumpkins over my perfectly carved coiffed jack-o-laterns any ole’ day of the week. I do believe that we now have a new family tradition. I’m trying to decide if we should call it the Pulp Bowl or Gut’s & Gorey. I’m already scheming up ideas of how I am going to nail DS and the monkeys. There might be a pulp & seed launcher in the works…sssshhh, don’t say anything.

Just curious, what is your families jack-o-lantern tradition? Who does the pumpkin carving in your house and is it safe around them when they do?

Love ya,

Tickled Red

I’m a big believer in down time, it rejuvenates the soul. Our weather here this weekend was simply sublime y’all. Not to hot, not to cold and my darlin’ had a contest that was actually in town this time. So I skipped out on my plans to cook a bunch of recipes and yielded to the siren call of the ocean.

I just can’t resist…

Visions of monkey-heads walking in the shore break.

The double cow-licked, strawberry blond mop-top of my oldest child. Blame your grandma baby.

My little cutie pie flinging sand and enjoying himself, even with a cast on.

Cute little bare feet all covered in sand. They bring back memories of  “This Little Piggy” every time I see them.

All three of my guys in one place at one time… with me.

Using flip flops as shovels, truly they are handy. Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun.

His unbridled joy. It makes me feel all giddy and prone to indulge in teenage like whims.

Snapping shots of his bum as he walks down the beach. Now if he would just lower his board.

His killer calf muscles that make even me slightly envious. Gotta love a nice pair of legs.

Capturing my baby and my love surfing in the same shot, it doesn’t happen very often.

A gaggle of flip flops lying in the sand.

My jeans slightly wet and my toes covered in sand. I’ll take this for as long as I can get it.

My soul is refreshed, recipes are coming later on this week and I’m sending you all warm sandy hugs.

Love ya,

Tickled Red

Today as I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of playing my favorite game of Catch-Up I sent the monkeys outside to play. You know, being a good mom and keeping the grey matter IN their brains rather than leaking out of their ears from overexposure to video games. Sun, fun and friends just what every little boy or girl needs right? Gooey ear leakage is now the least of my worries. I can always use left over wine corks or Shoe Goo to plug up their ears.

The boys were outside all of 10 minutes when Monkey Two came bolting into the house holding his arm, crying and in pain. Fortunately or as it turns out unfortunately my surfer had walked in the door just 5 minutes before all of the fa-houie broke loose. We loaded up the boys and rushed off to the doctor’s office. Four hours and three x-rays later M2 is the proud owner of a fractured wrist. Now you all are probably wondering how my smart, obedient, sweet cutie fractured his arm.


See the silver truck in the background? And the big tire? That’s what. M2 disobeyed one of dad’s rules this afternoon. He was climbing the tire into the back of the truck, in my flip-flops no less, when he fell. Evidently M1 took off on his bike and M2 wanted a higher vantage point to scope out the neighborhood and see where his big brother had taken off too.

Mmm,Hmmm…laugh it up chuckles. Wait until the cast is put on Monday afternoon. Not only are your climbing days over but I’m thinking about having the cast extend all the way up your thumb as pay back for giving me a heart attack today. You can kiss those video games goodbye Jack. Nah! Just kidding, I love this sweet baby too much but I will definitely be digging out the wax ear plugs and bell {sigh} not TICKLED.

You all probably think from the photo above that this is how I will be spending the next hour. No that is not what the Wild Turkey is for, though my surfer and I deserve a nip or two. The bourbon is a hint of what’s coming up in the next post. The one that I was half way through when Monkey Two decided to see who was tougher him or the ground. Monkey 0… Ground 1…live and learn.

I am off to snuggle with my little guy and keep him close beside me all night long. I promise ya’ll some yummy posts are coming very soon. As long as the monkeys keep their feet on the ground and the leprechaun’s stop stirring up trouble.

Love ya,

Tickled Red

PS: Notice the slightly fuzzy photos? I evidently fiddled the wrong way with my settings the other day, go figure. I’m working on  it ya’ll but I am clueless as to what I did. Time to pull out the ole’ manual 🙂

Ya’ll didn’t know it but my darlin’ surfer has been in California for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. Why didn’t I tell you guys? Ummm… because I am a paranoid freak as some of you may well know. If you are new to TR enjoy this little  glimpse into my life of paranoid, sleep deprived psychosis while my surfer is off living the gypsy life of a surf coach.

I can say unequivocally that 3 weeks is entirely to long for that man to be away from home. That many weeks without a decent nights sleep, hugs, monkey support, snuggles or skintight wetsuits makes for a frazzled redhead. My hedonism can not take that much deprivation. The Ga Ga’s need to be feed regularly so I have hidden his surf boards. HA, you’re stuck now bub…at least for a month or so.

In case the thought bulbs are going off the answer is yes. He did miss Father’s Day, our anniversary and his birthday while he was gone. Actually you all made his birthday something extra special this year…he loved all of his birthday comments! Thank you guys very much from the bottom of my heart for leaving them. He did leave a comment on there for you all, in case you didn’t see it. He wanted me to do it but I made my sometimes bashful guy pony up 🙂

Any-hoo, I just wanted to let you all know that I am declaring today a day off for the TICKLED BEYOND BELIEF monkeys and myself. We have missed him like crazy since this is the longest amount of time that he has ever been away from us.  Seeing as how my surfer is a touch exhausted from surfing, traveling and taking care of a few teenage boys for 3 weeks, we are spending the day being lazy and reviving one of our favorite family activities… The Family Pile-Up. Movies, popcorn and belated fireworks later on this evening are on our agenda. Mostly we’ll all just be connected at the hip for a while.

Personally I plan to be wrapped around him like a fajita for the rest of the week. I might…might… possibly peel myself off long enough to post some recipes and monkey shenanigans but then again I may just stick to him like cheese and stay that way permanently.

So this Monday is Giving is a simple yet very important reminder, “Spend as much time with your loved ones as possible”

I know that the monkeys and I will be 🙂

Hugs & Kisses,

Tickled Red

Some days it pays to stay home and not see what my younger brother is doing with my children.

Especially with my baby.

My littlest.

My sweetie.

My mostly shy boy.

The one who used to hide behind my legs when meeting new people.

The one who still has little fingers and toes to kiss on.

You know baby as in the last child you will ever, ever, ever have.

Anyone have a brown bag handy?

Defibrillator? No?

I am going to go sit down now.

Who knew monkeys could fly?

In case you were wondering my little guy was entirely TICKLED. As was his older brother…who has video footage of himself soaring with the seagulls. I on the other hand have been hit with reality. I live with not one extremist, not two extremist, but three crazy extremist. Count them three.

The swooshing sound you just heard was me throwing in the towel.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Hey guys…I hear the waves at Mavericks are banging! What about K2 it’s nice this time of year? Wait up for me!


Tickled Red

This Monday is for my love.

Fifteen years ago darlin’, towards the end of a sweltering June evening you walked into my life and  changed it unquestionably for the better. It took only three unique dates with you to know that you were the man that I was destined to meet. Like something out of an age old fairy tale I looked at you and saw my future. That realization, so soon into meeting you, stole over me subtly and yet forcefully. It took my breathe away for what seemed like minutes but was only a few seconds. There was no doubt in my mind at that moment that our lives were meant to be intertwined.

What I did not know was the depth and breath of the man you were and are still to this day. I was in awe to discover that the old fashioned notion of honor and chivalry that I strove for were ingrained deeply in you. That your capacity for tolerance and compassion would humble me. The events of your life had shaped you into a remarkable person, who for some unfathomable reason in my opinion, chose me. Those events would also chart the course of our relationship the first couple of years, as would my own.

Thirteen years ago this evening I walked ecstatically, beaming from ear to ear down an aisle to join you for the beginning of a new adventure in our relationship. We were able to share our deep steadfast love with our family and friends and as it always will be with us it was simple yet beautifully complex and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

It is true what they say, opposites do attract. Yet they can also compliment one another. You are the calm to my turbulence. You showed me that a passionate love does not mean that  passion has to be tumultuous or destructive as it consumes you. A true passionate love does not flame high and destroy. You taught me that if you tend to the fire, stoke it regularly, respect it and appreciate that it is a living breathing entity, that it will last forever. I know that ours will my love because your unwavering strength, calm and serenity are the balm of our marriage. You are indeed the better half.

Each year I write you a letter hoping that I can express to you in words how much you mean to me. How you make my life a paradise that I am thankful for everyday. I can honestly say that there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not overjoyed to have you and our boys as my loves. The list of accolades that I have for you are infinite. I truly can not say enough about how impressed I am daily over what a wonderful father and husband you are. I am so blessed to have you as my partner in life. It could be said that three little words are not grand enough to encompass the enormity of such an all consuming emotion as love. To me they are perfect. They have strength, conviction and a timelessness that can not be matched.  Which is why every time I feel it, I say it. I love you!

I can only hope that I tell you and show you enough how much you mean to me and how devoted I am to you. I love you so very, very much. Thank You my love for fifteen irreplaceable years. May the next 50 be as entertaining, blissful, fun and full of passion. I am looking forward to all of the adventures to come.

Happy 13th & 15th Anniversary.

Your Enchanted Love Struck Wife

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