This weekend is all about appetizers. My step sister Jamie is having a house warming party and we are making some fabulous little bites for everyone. This particular recipe is inspired by Chef  Paul Gayler’s, “Cherry Tomato and Bocconcini Lollipops” from his book “The World in Bite Size”.  I love his recipe but you guys know me, I had to change it up just a wee bit. My version has more of a traditional caprese flavor. Here is the recipe and I have to tell ya’ll it is extremely short and sweet. Well that is to say it is actually savory not sweet but you get the point.

1 bunch of  Cherry Tomatoes

1 container of Buffalo Mozzarella Balls

2 tbsp of  Classico Pesto or homemade pesto

1 package of Kabob Skewers

First slice all of the tomatoes in half. Then scoop the centers out gently with a melon baller or a teeny tiny spoon.

Here is the magic TICKLE me happy ingredient…Pesto!

Spoon a little dollop of pesto into the tomato cup, top with a mozzarella ball and carefully skewer the two together. Make sure that you don’t poke the skewer through the top of the mozzarella ball.

Stand all of your finished appetizers in a tall glass and you have a Caprese Ball Bouquet 🙂 or simply Caprese Balls as I call them.

See! Short, sweet savory and cute! Perfect for any party. Let’s not forget the best part…YUMMY goodness in one little bite. You do not have to put the ball on long skewers. You could use short bamboo sticks and place them on a dish with a balsamic dip. Be creative and have fun with the recipe. PS: I swear Classico doesn’t know about this blog. I just happen to be addicted to pesto 🙂

I am off to make some dips for tomorrow. One of which is Amy’s amazing, Black Bean Dip from She Wears Many Hats. The other dip recipe I will post soon along with a discussion about one of my many idosecrencies concerning food.

Have a great night ya’ll. Just wondering…what are some of your favorite appetizers to make for a party?

Tickled Red