Red Monkey Prod.-Winners

See the cutie with the dimples, that would be my little brother Blaine. That is, if  I’m still allowed to call a 6’2″, 200 plus lb lacrosse player little. Yeah, I am. He may be nearly a foot taller than me but he will always be that little towhead who was zooming around the driveway at mach 10 on his roller blades. Scaling to the third floor from one balcony to the next, tearing apart brand new toys within hours just to see how they worked, only to end up creating something new. This guy has kept us on our toes and made us beam with joy for various reasons.

The reason I am talking about my brother on reveal night is because he made a surprise visit into town this weekend, so we headed over to my dad’s house to catch up with him before he left this afternoon. Blaine is in his freshman year of college at ECU which made this a momentous occasion. You see the monkeys adore their Uncle Blaine. The three of them have been paling around, playing video games, wrestling and cracking jokes over bodily noises for the past seven years or so. I know…boys, yeesh! The boys have missed this big goof something fierce.

So needless to say, the monkeys pounced on Blaine the minute they had a chance and made him an honorary member of Red Monkey Productions . Which simply means that they put him to work being the one tortured this time around. In their defense the game that they had planned originally was scrapped due to some much needed precipitation. Those boys are good though at coming up with something on the fly.

By the way the boys wanted me to let y’all know that the answer to the riddle was indeed stamp. We have come to the conclusion that we are going to have to step up the degree of difficulty on the riddles. You all are whizzing right through these. So start doing those mental push ups now for next months riddle.

Here is the game the monkeys came up with this evening…

Put Your Mouth Where the Winner Is.

One participant willing, bribed or coerced.

One blindfold.

One bowl with participants names neatly folded.

Monkey One put the blindfold on his Uncle Blaine.

At which point Blaine decided that he needed to add his own personal touch to the game, being an honorary member and all.

The monkeys placed the bowl of names in front of their Uncle Blaine and instructed him that this would be a “Hands behind your back, go fish with your mouth game”.  Look at him go! He fits in perfectly at RMP but then again he’s had a wonderful instructor on being a class-A jabberjaw. If he couldn’t stretch those jaws wide and snag a strip of paper in a flash, I would’ve had to turn in my Big Sister Influence degree.

That’s the way to do it bro!

Yeah, yeah… you’re of the hook with your nephews, released from your RMP duties and are free to stop seeing spots at your leisure. I can’t promise that more shenanigans won’t ensue before you leave but that’s just us.

And now for the winner…

OH! Hold on a second y’all, look who walked in the door after being gone for a week in the Outer Banks at a surf contest. Seriously, he came straight to my dad’s house to see Blaine before he left to go back to ECU. My surfer always did have good timing. Hey there surfer boy we missed you!

I particularly missed this view but we can discuss that later. Sorry y’all but a week is a long time not to get a glimpse of my man especially those arms and legs.

He also made Blaine’s day. When I introduced my love to a impressionable three year old little boy, hero worship blazed reverently and brightly from his young eyes. What makes me smile even more than that indelible memory, is the fact that they became brothers.  In some ways they are closer than my brother and I which I love . Okay back to the winner, drum roll please……

Congrats Kristen!! Have fun shopping online at CSN Stores. I’m hoping that you will possibly purchase that gorgeous pesto green dutch oven so that I will be able to see it in some of your future photos. If not I know that you will find something fun and fabulous at the their stores. Email me at so that I can give you your coupon. Thanks again to CSN Stores for donating so graciously to our little giveaway.

Of course Blaine couldn’t get away without the monkeys attacking him one  more time.

Who knows when they will get another chance to pound on him and pulverize him into the ground. Okay, that is physically impossible but they can put a serious hurting on a T-shirt. I can’t tell how many they have stretched out over the years.

And when will they ever get a chance to look this foolish and silly?? I may email this to their buddies during their senior year, or their girlfriends. I’m still debating.

May we all be so carefree 🙂


Tickled Red

Hi ya’ll, I apologize for being a bit late with this post. We were at the pool longer than I anticipated this evening. You know boys, “Just one more flying eagle over the tower of ten innertubes…please!”.  So as soon as I rounded the monkeys up we rushed home to quickly prepare 50 plus names for our random give away before I lost every bit of light.

I have to tell you guys that ya’ll are some very smart cookies. Either that or I need to pick a much harder riddle next time. Nah, you guys rock! Also I adore having some very well read buddies hanging out there in cyberspace visiting me from time to time. Yes the answer to the riddle was an Egg and it did come from the Hobbit. You all can thank my darlin’ surfer for the idea. He told me to look in one of his favorite books for a riddle after we were discussing my friend’s son, who recently enjoyed reading the Hobbit himself.

With EGG being the answer what better game to play than Bob for Eggs. Okay, okay… not an overly original idea but you have to remember that you are dealing with water puppies here. Those monkeys  would spend every waking moment submerged in water until they turned into unrecognizable soggy pieces of flesh with a multitude of wrinkles. Not to mention they haven’t bobbed for anything this summer since the very first giveaway and their idea gave them an excuse to stay wet just a little bit longer.

We put everyone’s name(s) in an egg, filled up the tub with water and Monkey Two swished you all around until you were good and dizzy, or at least your eggs were all good and mixed up. That boy is good at creating a whirlpool.

This time the monkeys bobbed three times. I’ll explain further as we go.

Monkey One went first.

But had to pause for a little blindfold assistance from Monkey Two. It’s kind of hard to grab an egg with a mouth full of drenched cloth. Once he fixed his blindfold  he proceeded to bob.

And bob.

Until he finally came up with an egg.

In order for both monkeys to have a chance we decided to bob for another egg. Look at my little guy…he’s so funny.

Now when Monkey Two bobs for anything he is all business.

See. All done. Seriously, I only have these two photos because he snatched that egg out so bloody quickly.

Just look at my cute little Speedy Gonzales. That’s the way to use those new big chompers baby!

We couldn’t have two winners, so that meant one more chance for someone to dunk their head into water. They hadn’t accumulated enough wrinkles yet you know.  First the boys emptied the tub of all the other eggs, sorry guys, and then returned the two eggs that they had retrieved.

The monkeys got a huge kick out of the fact that it would be down to blue vs pink. What are the odds that pink and blue would be the colors pulled from that rainbow pile of eggs. There was a huge wrestling match to the death over who would get a chance to bob for the winner. There were punches, kicks, scratching, teeth biting, blows below the belt…not. My monkeys don’t beat on each other. They bicker back and forth but never anything violent, much anyway.

No, they both agreed that Monkey One should go again since he is a hoot to watch and can’t seem to get his mouth around an egg. That in itself is hilarious to me. As much as that boy talks I would’ve thought those jaw muscles would be stretched out and strong as a vice grip by now from so much exercise.

Go M1, go…grab a winner baby! You can do it!

Ha,Ha!! Pink beats blue, pink beats blue, pink beats blue! Sorry but in a house filled with boys I’ll take every little victory that I possibly can when it comes to Estrogen vs Testosterone.

Now the funny thing about objects wedged into a pocket full of hot air…the air will on occasion push the objects out with the force of a mini rocket. Hence the pink flash and the look of surprise, blurry though they  may be.

Anyway lets see whose name was hidden in that cute little pink egg. I’m so loving pink now by the way. Dat-dada-DA and the winner is…

Caitie it is! Please be sure to email me at to collect your prize from CSN Stores. I really would like to thank everyone for playing our Monday is Giving Giveaway this week, we had such a blast and love reading all of your comments. I would also like to thank CSN Stores once again for generously donating to our giveaway.

As ya’ll may have noticed I have been working on some changes with the blog, that is why there were not as many posts this week. Next week you will see more posts and maybe a couple of changes. Let me know what you think, I love feedback.

As usual this has been a fun-filled entertainment brought to you by Red Monkey Productions. We look forward to playing with you all again real soon 🙂


Tickled Red & The Monkeys

At 8:00 this evening after a long day of trying to catch up on some chores, as I was folding the sixth pile of laundry, I asked Monkey Two what game we should play in order to pick our winner this evening. Dead air and silence were the only responses that I received.  At first I was pleased, thinking that he was getting into the HBO production of John Adams that I was watching while I worked.  Then my reality synapses sputtered and fired…”Yeah Right Red!”. As I looked over my shoulder this is what I saw…

Well would you look at my little worn out Monkey Two.  I left my exhausted little puppy be and went back to folding towels. I had another Monkey in the wings you see, undoubtedly coming up with something clever. Monkey One is more of the master mind when it comes to games and what not around the house. I can still hear his three year old little voice saying with complete conviction, “Mom! Mom! I have an IDEA.” Thus a mastermind was born.

Not 10 minutes after I discovered my little man asleep Monkey One wanders into the living room looking for his side kick. The life of leisure is not much fun without a sidekick you know, so upon finding M2 asleep he decided he had enough of playing video games and sat down on the couch to contemplate a wondrous game that the two of us could accomplish on our own this evening.

While his wheels were spinning and percolating I continued to work on some desperately neglected chores. Fifteen minutes later the chores were under way. This gave me the perfect opportunity for a break and some fun with my oldest boy. Wahoo! Game time and picking a winner is always high on my list as an entertaining evening activity.

That is when you aren’t playing by yourself…

??? What in the world happened to my crew? Two Thirds of  Red Monkey Productions was now sound asleep on the job within 30 minutes. Man, there goes game time! But they are adorable when they sleep and quiet too. Which TICKLES me just fine on some occasions 🙂

So guess what ya’ll? You are stuck with me tonight and unfortunately I am not as creative as the monkeys are when it comes to making up nifty games. Therefore I went with the tried and true method of  drawing a name from  a bowl this evening. Amid the cacophony of Zzzzzzz I closed my eyes  fished around in my bowl, not “The Bowl”, swirling and shuffling for a good two minutes then pulled out a name.

Ta-Da! Sleepy Cat Hollow you are the proud winner of one 3.5 quart Le Creuset Stoneware Oval serving bowl in Caribbean Blue from CSN I do hope that you enjoy filling that fantastic bowl darlin’ with all kinds of goodies.

Please email your shipping address to

Thank You again CSN for generously contributing to our
Monday is Giving Giveaway 🙂 We truly do appreciate it.

I am off to finish some chores before my surfer gets home and catches me slacking on the job like the monkeys 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment on our giveaway.

Hugs & Kisses,

Tickled Red

Hi there ya’ll 🙂 I apologize that the winner of the Barnes and Noble gift card is being announced so late in the evening but we have been at the park celebrating this little lady’s birthday party. Since she and her family are moving in a week we hung out with them as loooooong as possible. If I say any more about the subject there is a good chance that I will ruin my laptop with a deluge of tears so moving on to the winner.

We are going to try and make this quick for you all tonight since it is so very late, 10:30 pm to be exact, Yeesh! Where does the time go when you are having fun? Basically what we did was a version of “Pick a Straw” only this time it didn’t matter who drew the short straw only whose name came up first. It’s not as if once  M1 drew the shortest name I would make him shave his head, pick his nose or hop on one foot and bark like a seal. Then again…Hey monkey come here, I just had an epiphany 🙂

Right now Monkey One is working his way through the Scholastic series, Guardians of Ga’hoole-by Kathryn Lasky . He is hooked ya’ll, completely and utterly hooked. So if you have a pre-teen/teen he avidly recommends the series. Also if you haven’t seen the trailer yet Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole movie will be out September 24, 2010. I can promise you that we will be there dragged there willing or not by M1.

Any-ho, what I did was write everyone’s name on a slip of paper (that seems to be my only job with Red Monkey Productions) and slide them into M1’s book. See all nice and perfectly even. It took me an hour to line them all up like that you know. My fingers are numb and I have twenty paper cuts. Nah! I am just yanking your chain. That would be what scissors are made for 🙂

Then, if you haven’t figured it out already, Monkey One drew a name.

Do you want to know who it is?

Are you sure?

Maybe we should wait until tomorrow, which by my clock is only an hour and fifteen minutes away right now.

An hour isn’t so bad is it?

You guys could do that?

You’re cool like that. Right?

Nah! I couldn’t do that to you all.

You have been so very patient as it is.

Seeing as how we spent all evening playing at the park.

You know, neglecting you all this evening and everything.

So here it is.

Here is the winner…

Congrats Jennifer!!! Send an email to so that I will know exactly where to send your e-gift card from Barnes and Noble.

This has been another well thought out, time draining entertainment from Red Monkey Productions. We hope that you all enjoyed our hard work and strenuous effort this evening 🙂


The Monkeys & Tickled Red

PS: If you are wondering why the slips are not exactly lined up when M1 chooses a winner it is because my goofball moved to quickly and the photos were horribly blurry. So I made him stick the slip back in and sit still. I will not tell you how long that took…it would make your head spin like Carol-Anne.

After our crazy fun filled weekend we went to Monkey Two’s class today for his end of the year party and had these self made concoctions. Honestly there are at least 8 different flavors in that bowl.

He didn’t love it one little bit. Nope not at all. Can you tell?

Then the boys have been swimming a minimum of 2 hours every evening and of course goofing around just a little as well.

Yeesh mom! Do you always have to be taking pictures?

That’s my job monkey head. How else am I going to get funny face photos like these to torture you with when you are in high school?  🙂

The chicken said to the duck, “Guess what”?  “What”, replied the duck.

“Coach is looking a bit confused”, said the chicken. “Oh yeah, ha ha! Would you look at that”,  said the duck. “Think we should stop now”?, asked the duck. “Nah”, said the chicken.

After sitting around the pool this evening and sweating to the point that I felt like I had been swimming as well, only in thick sticky mud rather than cool water, we came home and decided to finally work on picking a winner for the Lowe’s Gift Card Giveaway. Seeing as how I felt like I had dropped the ball this weekend that is what we did this evening… literally.

Dropped the Ball-Game

The object of the game is to drop the ball and see if a name on a slip pops out. If more than one slip pops out those particular slips will be placed in the tray and the process will start over until only one slip lands outside of the tray. If said monkey doesn’t have any luck the game is forfeited and the gift card reverts back to mom. Just kidding 🙂

Everyone’s name on a slip of paper.

Slips folded.

One tray.

One rubber bouncy ball.

A monkey.

I wrote everyone’s name down, folded the slips of paper and put them in a tray.

Monkey Two dropped the ball faster than I could capture it in a photo.

But he did get a slip to pop out on the first try. Wahoo!! That means you get to go to bed on time little man since you have one more day of school. Great job darlin’! Oh wait, before you bounce off to bed who won?

Congrats Amy!! Email your address to The lighting in this photo may be off, it may also be a bit fuzzy but my little monkeys grin TICKLES me too no end 🙂

This has been a late night endeavor of Red Monkey Productions. Now for this weeks Monday is Giving.

For me one of the best aspects of summer would be books. Reading a good book during vacation, while lounging at the beach or as you may have guessed at the pool. Also we love joining the summer book clubs at the library. So this weeks giveaway for Monday is Giving is a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble to help you with your summer reading. Contest ends at 12 midnight PST on Friday, June 18th.

Tell me what your favorite book is or what category you usually end up reading the most. Being a book geek myself I can’t wait to hear what you all like to read.

I truly hope that you all enjoy your evening,

Tickled Red

The monkeys and I just arrived home from spending six hours at the pool. Yes count them SIX. It was sunny, unbearably hot and humid. Any other day I wouldn’t be whining but my darlin’ was out of town again until tonight. Which means the amount of sleep I had before I exposed myself to the heat can be measured by a shark. Get it? No? Okay, sharks sleep while moving so technically they don’t sleep very much.

KER-SPLAT! Wow that joke fell flatter than a pancake.

Sorry ya’ll my humor is dry right now. My head has a dull throb, every hair follicle hurts and my eyes feel like lead. The walking zombie is just going to go ahead and announce a winner this evening therefore forgoing the game process this Saturday.

Here goes and the winner is…

HaHa Fooled You!

Did you guys really think that we would leave all of you hanging in the wind like that? Nuh Hunh, No way Jose’. We love playing games with you all too much. I will go ahead and apologize for the quality of the photos because I didn’t fib about the six hours at the pool and my indoor lighting is on the soft yellow side. Let me go ahead and apologize as well for the monkeys looking haggard. Hee Hee they are completely worn out and going to crash very soon. The monkeys are snuggled up with me as I write this and M2 feels all warm and heavy on my hip. Don’t you just love that instinctive feeling with your child?  I call that feeling the “warm and fuzzies”. You don’t even have to look, you can feel them falling asleep. Back to the random drawing for coffee.

Sipping For a Winner


One Pecan posing as a coffee bean

Hot Chocolate posing as the coffee

One Blindfold

Two Monkeys

Monkey Two really, really, really wanted to have a drawing where you shuffle the upside down cups around. The problem with that game would be that there is usually only one item hidden under the shuffled cup. We have more than one name, that wouldn’t exactly work. So we brainstormed and modified the traditional magic trick of misdirection.

This masked bandit otherwise known as Monkey One assisted me in the misdirection portion of our game. Please ignore my weird two-tone wall, I am debating on painting a mural there.

Misdirection One-I taped your names to the bottom of the cups then I turned them right side up and shuffled them all around. That way none of us knew which cup had whose name on it.

Randomness-M1, blind as the proverbial bat, took the pecan above and dropped it randomly into a cup. Technically the game is done at this point but where would the fun be in that? It was also M2’s idea to use the misdirection cup game so he had to have a hand in it as well.

Misdirection Two– Still blindfolded M1 shuffled the cups around a second time. Off he went to blindfold M2.

I added hot chocolate to to all of the cups. M2 had the fun part of the game. He had to drink hot coco (coffee) until he found the cup with the hidden pecan (coffee bean) MmmMmm… Good! By the way there is no way that I would ever let either of my monkeys drink coffee until they were at least 20.

That’s it. Game all done. Not an over the top game but it sure was tasty and hit the spot after a fun filled day at the pool. M2 was a sweet boy as always and shared the left over cups of hot coco with me. I must say ya’ll were scrump-dilly-ishous!

What? What’s wrong? Did we forget to name the winner? Are you guys sure about that? Positively? Absolutely? Unmistakeably sure that we didn’t tell ya’ll? Hold on let me check…

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling…okay I’ll stop now 🙂 I couldn’t help myself.

Congrats Web Savy Mom 🙂 You have won a 1 lb bag of coffee from Port City Java. Email your address to and let me know if you prefer fully-loaded high-test coffee or the not so jacked up coffee.

Thank you all so much for letting the monkeys and I entertain you with another brain child from Monkey Red Productions. You have no idea how much it TICKLES us.


Tickled Red

If you are interested in being a part of Monday is Giving by donating to our giveaway please feel free to email us.

Have you ever played a game of Washers? It’s very similar to horseshoes only you have a much smaller target.

You have to get that little washer into those PVC pipes for points. Yeesh!

The game is often played with four people on teams of two that attempt to toss metal washers into a wooden box 20-25 feet away. You score points by either getting the washer in the box (1 point) or by getting the washer in the center tube (3 points). The winning team is the first to get to a predetermined point number (usually 15 or 21).

Now I know that ya’ll are probably wondering why I am telling you guys all about the game of Washers. I can hear y’all asking, Where is Bessie? Why can’t Bessie play? We love Bessie! This washers stuff is all so Zzzzzzzzzzzz. You see Bessie was busy frolicking on the beach today. Remember she is a tourist and is trying to take in all of the sights before heading back to the ranch. We were also at a family gathering this evening playing Washers when the ancient light bulb in my head decided to flicker and sputter.

Is it just me or does that octagon Washer box look kind of like a waffle? Ummm…hello? Tap, tap, tap…is there anyone out there? Ya-hoo!?  Okay, okay we were just playing around and wanted to include ya’ll in the fun. I am also ashamed to say that the monkeys of Red Monkey Productions went on strike this week. Evidently they were not happy with their rate of pay. They demanded a dozen donuts per production. I was able to negotiate them down to half a dozen but it took all week. Needless to say all production projects came to a screeching halt during this time. Including the upkeep of their room.

Here is how we decided to play our game of washers for the random giveaway since the monkeys haven’t quite gotten the hang of the actual game.

1. Put everyone’s name into a bowl.

2. Pick a name.

3. Monkey One tosses a washer. If it lands in the PVC pipe SCORE!! That person wins a waffle iron.

4. If he misses we start the process over again until he gets it right or I toss him into a pipe.

While everyone was enjoying the game I jotted all of your names down, cut them into strips and folded them up.

Monkey One shook the names up and up and up! I find the faces that kids make when they are concentrating hilarious. I used to stick  my tongue out. That’s right, used too…cough.

He closed his eyes and picked a name.

Then he gave the washer a toss.

SCORE!! Although not on the first try. He did this four times until he was able to get the washer into the pipe. I would show you all each and every toss but I have almost used up all of my allotted media space. I know I am a big dork. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Not to mention that would be cruel and unusual punishment don’t you think?  So with out further ado, the winner is…

edmontonjb!! Congrats!! You have won a Cuisinart Waffle Iron from CSN Stores.

Awww… my monkey is so TICKLED with himself for getting that tinsey winsey little disc of metal into that 4 inch hole 🙂

edmontonjb please email your address to me at and CSN Stores will have your prize shipped out to you soon.

I just wanted to say Thank You very much again to CSN Stores for being so generous and contributing to our weekend fun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ya’ll


Tickled Red

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