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It’s that time again y’all. Time for a fun-filled Monday Is Giving: Riddle Me This Giveaway brought to you by CSN Stores and lil’ ole us. I get so giddy on giveaway Mondays. I skip, I seal clap, I belt out operatic notes way off-key. Okay that was too much information. Today we are discussing dutch ovens. Why? Because I actually woke up to a morning where when I walked outside my glasses didn’t fog up. You know what that means. Fall is slowly creeping its way towards the coast and that means it is time to break out the dutch oven for hearty stews and scrumptious soups. I can’t wait! Below are just a few of the dutch ovens offered at CSN Stores that have caught my eye and that I ‘m drooling over.

KitchenAid Cast Iron 3.5 Quart

I am a sucker for blue in any shade.

Cuisinart Enameld Cast Iron 3 Qt.

Okay this one’s red, pretty self-explanatory.

Paula Deen 3.5 Quart Cast Iron

I love the wave pattern that Miss Paula came up with.

Staub Pesto 5 Qt

It’s name is Pesto and it’s glossy like nail polish. Love it!

iittala Sarpaneva Cast Iron 3 Qt.

I want this one for when we go camping. So chic and rustic.

Le Creuset 5-Quart

Now this one is just a happy color and it works perfectly with the fall season.

Bayou Classic

Has Bayou in its name, comes with a basket and is heavy-duty. How could you go wrong.

Which ever dutch oven floats your boat this fall you have a chance to win a $50 product coupon that you could put towards your purchase. Or if you already have a dutch oven you can use your coupon at any of the other 200 plus CSN Stores and get a little Christmas shopping done early.

All you have to do is answer the riddle. For bonus entries, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter or FB, do so and leave a second comment so that you get credit for it. The contest ends Friday 9/24/10 at midnight PST, and the winner will be announced Sunday 9/26/10 in the evening. Now don’t go Goggling the answer y’all 🙂

Riddle Me This?

What can travel around the world while never leaving the corner?

Have fun! I am off to see what game the monkeys are working on for the random drawing. Maybe something requiring one arm tied behind their backs since M2 is still sporting his cast.

Love Ya,

Tickled Red


Guess what, guess what?!? That’s right it’s giveaway time again with our good buddies at CSN Stores. I’m so excited for ya’ll! Now for those of you who are new to our little blog CSN Stores is generous enough to participate in our “Monday is Giving” giveaway from time to time. They have 200 plus online stores where you can find a multitude of quality household items. Such as dinnerware sets, bedding, cookware, furniture and my favorite green friendly items. This time around I thought that I would share with you all some of the different items they have that I’ve personally been drooling over.

I am addicted to china and this Sengware 4 Piece Classic Round Place Setting in Heaven has my full attention.

I have an affinity for blue…hmmm wonder why?

Isn’t this Thomas Paul Octopus Tea Towel in Java too much? I adore sea animals.

Would you look at this PEM America Catch a Wave Sheet Set, it’s perfect for my monkeys. Surf’s Up!

Monkey One is getting older and we have been checking out bigger beds for him lately. I love this South Shore Cakao Full Size Bedroom Set, especially with the extra storage under the bed.

Here’s the good news, CSN Stores is giving away a $50 coupon redeemable at any of their 200 plus online stores. Ya’ll have got to love that.

For this Monday is Giving giveaway we have a fun little riddle for you all. Take a guess and see if you can guess what it is and try really, really hard not to look it up on Google. I know some of you out there have fingers that are just twitching to hit the information highway on this but resist the urge.

Here is what you will need to do to participate in this giveaway.

1. Guess the answer. Right or wrong you will automatically have your name entered into the random drawing.

2. If you get it right Wahoo! The correct answer means you now have your name entered a second time.

3. *Bonus*- If you can figure out where I found the riddle you will have your name entered a third time. Hint: It wasn’t online.

The contest will close Friday 8-20-10 at 12pm PST. The answer and winner will be reveled Sunday 8-22-10 by 8pm EST.

*All comments will be held for this post until the big revel on Sunday*

Riddle me this…

A box without hinges, key or lid,

Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

{What am I?}

The monkeys are so TICKLED to bring you all another entertainment from Red Monkey Productions. They are already hard at work coming up with a game for the random drawing. You can actually hear the wheels spinning & see the smoke pouring out from their ears. Then again it has been a while since our last giveaway, so those creative gears are a wee bit rusty.

Yo monkeys! A little WD-40 would be good right about now. You’re going to pop a gasket!

Good luck and have fun ya’ll 🙂


Tickled Red

In case you guys haven’t figured this out already I live in the suburbs on little over half of an acre. What you see pictured here isn’t nearly half of what has come out of my first “real” garden this year. So don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t grow a plethora of fantastic veggies on a small plot in the burbs’. Your neighbors might do a double take over the 5 ft corn stalks as they are driving by one day but they will be enthralled none the less.

The only trouble you might run into is how to utilize all of your produce before it goes to waste. I am in the thralls this summer of Re-learning a Simple Life. The life of my grandparents that involved eating seasonally, canning, and preserving what they grew.  It is never to late to learn this simple way of life you know and I am having a blast learning as much as I can and eating fresh from our garden.

For lunch today I was craving some sauteed fresh summer veggies over pasta with a nice delicious creamy sauce. Not quite Alfredo but something close.

My choice of sauce will probably come as no surprise to some of you seeing as how most of ya’ll know I am addicted to all things cheesy. I hear the snickers and giggles out there. Don’t you guys say it…not one peep 🙂 Mornay sauce is very similar to Alfredo sauce. Both are made with Parmesan cheese but with a Mornay sauce you add Gruyere as well…drool.  Here’s a little trivia for you this sauce has been around since the Second Empire in France. It was especially enjoyed at the infamous Restaurant Durand during that time.

Here is what you will need for my Summer Vegetable Mornay.

Veggies & Pasta

1 green bell pepper

1 small zucchini

1 small cucumber

1 small yellow squash

1 small eggplant

2 ears of corn

1 can of  Del Monte Lima Beans

1 small shallot

1 tblsp extra virgin olive oil

1 small tomato for garnish

salt and pepper to taste

1 box of De Cecco Farfalline

Prep Work:

Boil the Farfalline until el dente and set aside.

Dice the bell pepper, squash and cucumber. Slice the zucchini lengthwise and into approx. 1in pieces.  Cut the eggplant into rounds (if it is the skinny variety) otherwise dice cut it. Remove the corn from the cobs. Finely dice the shallot.

Warm the extra virgin olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat. Add all of the prepped veggies including the lima beans into the skillet and saute for approx. 10 minutes. You want the veggies cooked through until just tender yet still firm.

Mornay Sauce

2 cups Bechamel Sauce (see below)

1/3 cup Gruyere cheese

1/3 cup Parmesan cheese

In a sauce pot over medium heat add the grated Gruyere cheese and grated Parmesan cheese to the already heated medium Bechamel sauce. Stir together until the cheese has melted. Serve over vegetables,fish or poultry.

Bechamel Sauce-Medium

2 tblsp butter

2 tblsp flour

1 cup milk

1 small onion, minced (optional)

salt and cayenne or white pepper

Over medium heat melt the butter and, if using onion, stew until soft but not brown. Add the flour and cook, stirring for approx. 3 minutes. Heat the milk and add, stirring until thick and smooth. Season to taste. Cook gently for 5 minutes. Strain before using. Makes 1 cup *Double the recipe for Mornay Sauce*

Plate the pasta into a lovely large serving dish, cover with the beautiful fresh sauteed veggies, add diced tomato and drizzle with creamy Mornay Sauce.

Okay right about now I have the biggest grin plastered on my face only ya’ll can’t see it.  Mornay Sauce is one of the easiest yummy sauces to make. Yep, I was TICKLED for sure this afternoon. Not to mention the uber picky monkeys liked it…once I removed a few of the veggies of course, sigh.

I hope that you give it a try, you won’t regret it.


Another bonus this evening is that CSN is working with us again for this Monday is Giving Giveaway. If you weren’t here for the last time that they were a part of our giveaway let me tell you a little bit about them. CSN has over 200 different stores to choose from and over 1 million items, including beautiful dining room tables, accessories and cookware! They offer competitive pricing on many name brands that you can’t find with other retail online stores. They are one of the top 3 online U.S. retailers of home and office goods!

Also if you would like a look at how the owner and his wife have created a wonderfully creative and beautiful home utilizing products from CSN check out the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens. You will also find along with the article a product code coupon that you can use at CSN

This week we are giving away a 3.5 quart Le Creuset Stoneware Oval serving bowl in Caribbean Blue. That way when you make a large amount of delicious fresh veggies with pasta you will have a lovely serving bowl to hold all of your scrumptious yummies.

Just let me know what you would love to fill the bowl with 🙂

I am off to bed now because this post has run into the wee hours of the morning. Disrupted schedules… one of the many perks with being part of a swim team. Tonight we had relay’s between all of the different teams in our area.

I can’t wait to hear about some of your favorite dishes. Good Night or actually Good Morning Ya’ll,

Tickled Red


Comment on THIS post by 11:59 pm PST July 2nd.

1 random winner will be announced by midnight July 3rd. I will notify you by email and you will have 72 hours to respond before I have to choose a new winner.

If you live outside of the US , I want you to participate but we will need to split the shipping, them’s the breaks my pals.

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After our crazy fun filled weekend we went to Monkey Two’s class today for his end of the year party and had these self made concoctions. Honestly there are at least 8 different flavors in that bowl.

He didn’t love it one little bit. Nope not at all. Can you tell?

Then the boys have been swimming a minimum of 2 hours every evening and of course goofing around just a little as well.

Yeesh mom! Do you always have to be taking pictures?

That’s my job monkey head. How else am I going to get funny face photos like these to torture you with when you are in high school?  🙂

The chicken said to the duck, “Guess what”?  “What”, replied the duck.

“Coach is looking a bit confused”, said the chicken. “Oh yeah, ha ha! Would you look at that”,  said the duck. “Think we should stop now”?, asked the duck. “Nah”, said the chicken.

After sitting around the pool this evening and sweating to the point that I felt like I had been swimming as well, only in thick sticky mud rather than cool water, we came home and decided to finally work on picking a winner for the Lowe’s Gift Card Giveaway. Seeing as how I felt like I had dropped the ball this weekend that is what we did this evening… literally.

Dropped the Ball-Game

The object of the game is to drop the ball and see if a name on a slip pops out. If more than one slip pops out those particular slips will be placed in the tray and the process will start over until only one slip lands outside of the tray. If said monkey doesn’t have any luck the game is forfeited and the gift card reverts back to mom. Just kidding 🙂

Everyone’s name on a slip of paper.

Slips folded.

One tray.

One rubber bouncy ball.

A monkey.

I wrote everyone’s name down, folded the slips of paper and put them in a tray.

Monkey Two dropped the ball faster than I could capture it in a photo.

But he did get a slip to pop out on the first try. Wahoo!! That means you get to go to bed on time little man since you have one more day of school. Great job darlin’! Oh wait, before you bounce off to bed who won?

Congrats Amy!! Email your address to The lighting in this photo may be off, it may also be a bit fuzzy but my little monkeys grin TICKLES me too no end 🙂

This has been a late night endeavor of Red Monkey Productions. Now for this weeks Monday is Giving.

For me one of the best aspects of summer would be books. Reading a good book during vacation, while lounging at the beach or as you may have guessed at the pool. Also we love joining the summer book clubs at the library. So this weeks giveaway for Monday is Giving is a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble to help you with your summer reading. Contest ends at 12 midnight PST on Friday, June 18th.

Tell me what your favorite book is or what category you usually end up reading the most. Being a book geek myself I can’t wait to hear what you all like to read.

I truly hope that you all enjoy your evening,

Tickled Red

You see, we three four,

Fred, Joe and me,

Is chums.

When I say “hullo!”

To Fred and Joe

They comes.

Arthur Guiterman

This Monday is Giving is for the guys out there. Fathers’ Day is right around the corner and I thought that I would help you all get a jump start.

Those are most of my guys up above. My surfer, my monkeys and my dad (minus my lil’ brother). The ones who keep me hopping all the time…literally. Now ya’ll know that my monkeys are silly goofballs and that my surfer is an instigator as well as an extremist. Did ya’ll know that my dad was voted class clown when he was in high school? Yep! Now you you know where half of the goofy gene came from, my mom is responsible for contributing the other half.

My dad is a character all right, I will give you a few trivia tidbits about him.

1. His name is the same as a Greek legend.

2. He would get off of the bus at the end of his street, skip school and have all of the girls do his homework. MmHmm…I use him as the prime example of what not to do during your academic career with the monkeys.

3. He does a very realistic impression of Ernest T. Bass.  To my complete and utter horror when I was a teenager he did this as often as possible in public.

4. When we moved to the coast from the mountains my mom offered to drive around the block and wave at him because in a big city no one waves at each other like they do in small towns. He was not feeling that at all.

5.  He threatened one of my suitors when I was 16. I was told by said suitor that dad offered to clean the asphalt with his face if he didn’t stay away. That one TICKLES me the most. All girls need to know that their dad will go the distance for them. It also turns out he was right about the guy…no good.

6. Dad had my surfer entirely stumped the first time he met my parents. My darlin’ didn’t understand a word my dad said due to his thick accent. So thick in fact a cab driver in NY thought that my dad was from Ireland.

7. He is a little guy 5′ 7″-150 lbs- size 7 shoe. Yet this man was a Drill Sgt. who trained up and coming Drill Sgt.’s in the Army. Can ya’ll say cocky.

8. He makes a cake of cornbread at least twice a week.

9. Would be ecstatic if he could have ramps (wild onions) every week. We on the other hand would make him live in the garage if he did.

10. Dreams of living on a boat.

So there is a little about my dad. Leave a comment telling me a little about your dad, a male role model in your life or a guy that you adore in order to enter this Monday is Giving-Giveaway. This weeks giveaway is a $25 dollar gift card to Lowes Home Improvement. You can give it to your hubby, dad, uncle, brother or you can keep it yourself…I won’t mind 🙂

Comment on this post to enter. The contest ends Friday June 11th at midnight PST. One winner will be chosen randomly by Red Monkey Productions on Saturday.

I can’t wait to hear about your guys,

Tickled Red

Today is Memorial Day. For most of us today there will not be any work. We will spend the day frolicking with our children and grilling out with our families. We know that this a day to remember the men and women who came before us and fought for our freedoms. We celebrate them today. We honor them today. We sometimes loose focus though on the men and women still making that sacrifice. It’s not that we don’t care or don’t know but unless you have someone over there to worry about it is not a daily concern for most of us, including me.

This year we do have a friend serving away from home. Away from his young son, unable to celebrate a day off from work, grilling hamburgers and watching fireworks together. It had me thinking all night about how very thankful I am. Thankful that my dad came home from Vietnam and that I still have him in my life. That my boys have their parents home everyday to toss them around, play games and tuck them in at night. It is simplicity itself and we are blessed.

Not everyone is that fortunate. Not only because they are separated from their loved ones right now due to being deployed. Because some of those young service men and women may not have family waiting for them to come home. They may have lost loved ones, be estranged from their families or spent their childhood in foster homes. Being the older sister of three adopted siblings I am very aware of the fact that not all children find a home.

So this Monday is Giving will be for them. I am going to ask that you please take the time to write a letter to a solider rather than play for a prize. That we all think of them first this week. It won’t take much just a few kind words of encouragement and a postage stamp.

Any Soldier is an organization that helps soldiers who do not receive much if any mail, receive a letter sent in from citizens around the US.

The USO who has been helping out soldiers since my grandmother was a nurse during the world wars, is also able to send messages. I believe theirs are sent via email.

Both organizations websites are set up to be as helpful as possible in answering any questions that you may have.

I love the thought that some young person who is usually skipped on mail day will have a drawing from a child given to them. Thanks and praise from an experienced vet or a poem from someone in another state. Something that will make them them feel that they are not alone. That they get to feel TICKLED for a few moments is priceless. The monkeys and I are starting our letters today.

I want to thank you all so very much for letting me change up this weeks Monday is Giving. I know that it is probably not what you were expecting and I hope that you understand why I felt the need to do so. I promise to resume things as usual next week.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day today with all of your family and friends!!


Tickled Red

Ahhh… what a view.

There is nothing like a good view to go along with a delicious brunch.

Yum!! This brunch is special to me because for once I didn’t have to make it. Not to mention I have been able to enjoy having brunch for the past two days. I host a regional trade show twice a year for the surf and skate industry and on those days I forget to eat, so having brunch at my fingertips has been an amazing treat. I also have to admit breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I could have breakfast all day long.

Look at the size of that homemade waffle. Oh yeah! That is what I am talking about ya’ll. How can that be wrong three times a day…or four…or six. I’ll stop now before Jillian shows up to toss my breakfast in the trash. Have you seen that? She is coming to your house now to clean out your fridge and yell at you. I am changing the locks this week.

Back to my beautiful waffle, now you guys are probably wondering why, oh why is Red boring us today with her waffle obsession. There is a method to my madness ya’ll.

Today is Monday correct? So let’s see waffles…giveaway…waffles…giveaway, if you are thinking waffle iron give yourself a high five.

This week’s giveaway is a Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker in brushed stainless steel. As usual the rules are listed below.

For this giveaway I have some exciting news for ya’ll.  CSN Stores has graciously offered to contribute to our Monday is Giving-Giveaway. You gotta love that! They think that you guys rock as much as I do and I think that is just awesome. 🙂  I am so TICKLED for you guys. Can you tell that I have been surrounded by surfers for the past 48hrs? They are starting to have an affect on my vocabulary.

Let’s try that again, CSN Stores has over two hundred online stores. Wow!!! Can you imagine the hours of fun scrolling through there looking at all of the goodies? They have everything that you could possible think of. Nifty cool kitchen gadgets (hee hee), gorgeous decor items for your house and cool furniture pieces like their tv stands. Speaking of tv stands, I need one badly. My flat screen is sitting on my hope chest right now, that does not TICKLE me in the least.

I would like to send out a big warm Thank You to CSN Stores for graciously donating the Cuisinart Waffle Iron this week to our Monday is Giving-Giveaway. Just so you know the monkeys are hard at work coming up with a drawing idea that fits in with this weeks theme. Who knows what they will come up with next 🙂

Happy Monday Ya’ll! I have to run back to the trade show now but I want to know what your favorite meal is. I look forward to chatting with you all soon.


Tickled Red

PS: My surfer boy is back home so hopefully once I get some sleep tonight my funny bone will be back in full swing.


Comment on THIS post by 11:59 pm PST May 21st.

1 random winner will be announced by midnight May 22nd. I will notify you by email and you will have 72 hours to respond before I have to choose a new winner.

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