You all might’ve been wondering why it has been so quite here the past few days. Trust me it’s not for my lack of desire to get on here and ramble endlessly about my guys, surfing and scrumptious recipes. Nope, but I was told that I talk too much. Well let me be honest, I wasn’t told that in exactly those words… not really. I have been asked to chill on my posting for a bit though.

You see I have a dear friend working on Tickled Red now. Part of what she’s doing is transferring all of my posts onto another platform where we will be able to stretch our wings a bit more. It’s like planing a 3 month trip around the world and having your girlfriend pack for you. Great for you but not so much for her. Evidently I’m a bigger jabber jaw than I realized, boy do I owe her big time.

Then again 4 days of letting the random minutia that runs through my head build up is making me twitchy man. So I’m busting out today with an idea for some fun we can have on here over the next few days. Hopefully it won’t take up too much space or cause my girl undo stress. You’ll have to wait for it though, work comes first. Meet you back here late tonight.


Tickled Red