Y’all might have guessed already but we went on an excursion this past weekend. A quick trip up the coast to the Outer Banks so that DS could meet some groms and do a little coaching. As with any trip short or long, I’m playing catch-up this week. In the mean time I thought that you guys might get a kick out of seeing a few pictures of the kids and their coach at the contest this past Sunday. I know I did. This was my first time watching my surfer in action with a fresh group of young die hard surfers. I’m used to watching him coach some of our local groms that I’ve watched grow up from the time they were tiny tadpoles. Those knuckleheads are use to me hanging around terrorizing them.

A couple of young competitors waiting ever so patiently, yet oh so intensely for their heats to begin.

Heat: A 20-30 minute competition where you are trying to accumulate points based on maneuvers, degree of difficulty, landings and the length of your ride. You’re only allowed a certain amount of waves.

“Alright son, make sure that you count your waves. You see that break over there? That’s where you should be. Don’t get caught up in the pack either…”

“Put me in coach! I’m ready”

This would be a pack during a heat. Everyone out there is jockeying for the same waves whenever they come rolling in. The fastest surfer wins the peak. But if you stand up and try to drop in on a wave at the same time as someone else you’ll get disqualified for that wave and loose points.

Dedicated parents who deserve a shout out. They run their kids up and down the east coast from VA to FL, even all the way to the west coast. On occasion they take them out of the country for some competitions. When I grew up there was only football, baseball and tennis. My softball team practiced once a week and had games on the weekend. Now I’m married to a traveling coach and raising part-time gypsies and by no means is that a complaint. I love our gypsy life!

This young man’s focus and dedication to his sport impressed me so much. If this cutie wasn’t in the water competing he was right beside DS as he was filming the other kids. Picking up pointers by chatting about the other heats while they were taking place in the water.

Eat while you can cutie, you don’t know it yet but your coach is a slave driver. No sugar, no sweets, no breaks…he’s a ruthless tyrant! Run, hide in the ocean. Maybe he won’t notice that you paused for a donut.

 Nah…just kidding, but you do need to stay out of the water long enough to enjoy your food darlin’. It’s should be savored love, not scarfed down in a millisecond between sessions.

Don’t forget, girls surf too! Not to mention they usually have the most colorful and stylish boards out there. I adore this sweet young girls polka-dots, I’m pretty sure that I had a pair of kicks that matched at one time.

This little lady works just as hard as the boys out there, sometimes competing along side of them during open heats. Okay, surf trivia time. See how she’s diving under the waves with her board, that’ s called “Duck Diving”.  I thought I’d share that little tidbit of lingo with y’all, just in case your life doesn’t happen to revolve around surfers, mountains of sand and lovely skintight wetsuits.


Okay, you busted me. This photo’s just for my personal pleasure and my compulsion to ogle my darlin’s bum. Sorry I couldn’t help myself, my Ga Ga’s have a mind of their own. 

I suppose it really is beneficial to review your heat with your coach right after the competition, but personally I would be distracted by the donuts and looking for the nearest tent to hide under. Hence some very good reasons why I’m not a competitive surfer. That and I’m a sloth.


After an all day marathon of… in the water brrrrrrr freeze…out of the water wait, wait, wait…in the water brrrrr freeze  it’s so nice to pack up, head for the hot tub, gorge on some pizza and pass out by 9pm. Surfers, they have it so rough don’t they?

 More Outer banks fun to come, as well as some yummies 🙂

Love you guys!

Tickled Red