Y’all know my surfer is a California boy.

Stuck in the south.

For 23 years.

Married to lil’ ole me, about half of that time.

Lil’ ole me who tries ever so diligently to bring him over to the dark side.

Southernized dark side that is.

Grits, seafood chowder, country ham, country music.


Not for this Cali Boy.

Not at a surf contest.

ESPECIALLY not right before he competes.

Heaven forbid Mr. Announcer!

Yeah I said cut it, what of it Mr. Announcer?

67% of the population likes Country Music?

Don’t make me laugh!

You’re serious?

You’re hilarious!!

By the way my wife,  she’s Darth Vader in disguise.

She’s trying to bring me over to the dark side.


So hand over her Keith Urban CD already and let’s get this contest going.


Tickled Red aka Darth Vader