I’m a big believer in down time, it rejuvenates the soul. Our weather here this weekend was simply sublime y’all. Not to hot, not to cold and my darlin’ had a contest that was actually in town this time. So I skipped out on my plans to cook a bunch of recipes and yielded to the siren call of the ocean.

I just can’t resist…

Visions of monkey-heads walking in the shore break.

The double cow-licked, strawberry blond mop-top of my oldest child. Blame your grandma baby.

My little cutie pie flinging sand and enjoying himself, even with a cast on.

Cute little bare feet all covered in sand. They bring back memories of  “This Little Piggy” every time I see them.

All three of my guys in one place at one time… with me.

Using flip flops as shovels, truly they are handy. Sorry I couldn’t resist the pun.

His unbridled joy. It makes me feel all giddy and prone to indulge in teenage like whims.

Snapping shots of his bum as he walks down the beach. Now if he would just lower his board.

His killer calf muscles that make even me slightly envious. Gotta love a nice pair of legs.

Capturing my baby and my love surfing in the same shot, it doesn’t happen very often.

A gaggle of flip flops lying in the sand.

My jeans slightly wet and my toes covered in sand. I’ll take this for as long as I can get it.

My soul is refreshed, recipes are coming later on this week and I’m sending you all warm sandy hugs.

Love ya,

Tickled Red