Last Saturday I had the privilege to witness this beautiful, ecstatic, young(er) couple start their journey into material bliss. Ryley, the lovely bride happens to be my step brothers sister-in-law. I know, it’s a bit of a brain twister but that’s family fun for you. It was truly a perfect fall wedding held at their home.

Massive bouquets of roses, sunflowers, Irish bells and sweet wildflowers arranged by the brides mother, family and friends.

Ryley’s sisters Jenni, my (step)sister-in-law and McGee, having fun as always.

The delicious wedding cake made by Ryley’s aunt. Hahaha…who wear’s the pants in your house?

Couples on their wedding day always make me tear up a little. They bring back memories of walking down the aisle towards my darlin’, who was waiting anxiously for me at the end. It stills feels like we were married only yesterday.

Okay, do you see the red car in the background? The really cool, old, red car? Ryley arrived in that gem. I spent half the night drooling over it. Some mornings I have visions of it sitting in my driveway.

The reception tent filled with food and guests making merry.

A one of a kind wedding arbor built with love by Jerry. Ryley and Josh will always be able go to this spot and reflect on the day that they shared their love with family and friends.

What’s a wedding without shrimp cocktail? Compliments of dad.

My one and only stuffed mushroom recipe.

Strawberry, orange, pecan salad made by a family friend.

My great grandmothers’ Blue Ribbon corn bread recipe which I made into little bites for the wedding.

Roast beef and herb chicken made on site by dad and Sherry.

Green beans with shallots and sesame seeds, yum!

Fresh corn, mashed potatoes and Sherry’s amazing sweet potato casserole.

Precious moments stolen between the bride and groom during the reception.

Jerry…my sweet step brother who built the lovely arbor.

Jamie my darling step sister who caught Ryley’s bouquet. Stay tuned for wedding pictures of her in the very near future 😉

That first dance with dad is always bitter-sweet but treasured in a young brides heart for all time.

Ryley and Josh…

It’s only the beginning.

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day it was exquisite. I wish you everlasting love.


Tickled Red