See the cutie with the dimples, that would be my little brother Blaine. That is, if  I’m still allowed to call a 6’2″, 200 plus lb lacrosse player little. Yeah, I am. He may be nearly a foot taller than me but he will always be that little towhead who was zooming around the driveway at mach 10 on his roller blades. Scaling to the third floor from one balcony to the next, tearing apart brand new toys within hours just to see how they worked, only to end up creating something new. This guy has kept us on our toes and made us beam with joy for various reasons.

The reason I am talking about my brother on reveal night is because he made a surprise visit into town this weekend, so we headed over to my dad’s house to catch up with him before he left this afternoon. Blaine is in his freshman year of college at ECU which made this a momentous occasion. You see the monkeys adore their Uncle Blaine. The three of them have been paling around, playing video games, wrestling and cracking jokes over bodily noises for the past seven years or so. I know…boys, yeesh! The boys have missed this big goof something fierce.

So needless to say, the monkeys pounced on Blaine the minute they had a chance and made him an honorary member of Red Monkey Productions . Which simply means that they put him to work being the one tortured this time around. In their defense the game that they had planned originally was scrapped due to some much needed precipitation. Those boys are good though at coming up with something on the fly.

By the way the boys wanted me to let y’all know that the answer to the riddle was indeed stamp. We have come to the conclusion that we are going to have to step up the degree of difficulty on the riddles. You all are whizzing right through these. So start doing those mental push ups now for next months riddle.

Here is the game the monkeys came up with this evening…

Put Your Mouth Where the Winner Is.

One participant willing, bribed or coerced.

One blindfold.

One bowl with participants names neatly folded.

Monkey One put the blindfold on his Uncle Blaine.

At which point Blaine decided that he needed to add his own personal touch to the game, being an honorary member and all.

The monkeys placed the bowl of names in front of their Uncle Blaine and instructed him that this would be a “Hands behind your back, go fish with your mouth game”.  Look at him go! He fits in perfectly at RMP but then again he’s had a wonderful instructor on being a class-A jabberjaw. If he couldn’t stretch those jaws wide and snag a strip of paper in a flash, I would’ve had to turn in my Big Sister Influence degree.

That’s the way to do it bro!

Yeah, yeah… you’re of the hook with your nephews, released from your RMP duties and are free to stop seeing spots at your leisure. I can’t promise that more shenanigans won’t ensue before you leave but that’s just us.

And now for the winner…

OH! Hold on a second y’all, look who walked in the door after being gone for a week in the Outer Banks at a surf contest. Seriously, he came straight to my dad’s house to see Blaine before he left to go back to ECU. My surfer always did have good timing. Hey there surfer boy we missed you!

I particularly missed this view but we can discuss that later. Sorry y’all but a week is a long time not to get a glimpse of my man especially those arms and legs.

He also made Blaine’s day. When I introduced my love to a impressionable three year old little boy, hero worship blazed reverently and brightly from his young eyes. What makes me smile even more than that indelible memory, is the fact that they became brothers.  In some ways they are closer than my brother and I which I love . Okay back to the winner, drum roll please……

Congrats Kristen!! Have fun shopping online at CSN Stores. I’m hoping that you will possibly purchase that gorgeous pesto green dutch oven so that I will be able to see it in some of your future photos. If not I know that you will find something fun and fabulous at the their stores. Email me at so that I can give you your coupon. Thanks again to CSN Stores for donating so graciously to our little giveaway.

Of course Blaine couldn’t get away without the monkeys attacking him one  more time.

Who knows when they will get another chance to pound on him and pulverize him into the ground. Okay, that is physically impossible but they can put a serious hurting on a T-shirt. I can’t tell how many they have stretched out over the years.

And when will they ever get a chance to look this foolish and silly?? I may email this to their buddies during their senior year, or their girlfriends. I’m still debating.

May we all be so carefree 🙂


Tickled Red