Good Morning y’all! I hope that you’re having a fabulous weekend and enjoying a nice lazy morning. It’s Sunday kick your heels up for a few. Sundays for us mean a big fun breakfast. Something other than granola or oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong we love both of those but on Sunday mornings we are not rushing out the door to school. We have a few moments to relax over that cup of coffee and hot coco. This morning I was craving eggs and beans so I whipped this up today.

I fried a couple of eggs.

Added a handful of Cannellini beans.

A sprinkle ofΒ  salt, cracked pepper, a dash of basil and a little oregano. Then I folded those love eggs around the beans all nice and snuggie.

Then fried them on both sides until perfectly golden.

Served it up on toasted french bread with the mozzarella cheese melted until gooey. Voila! Breakfast in a snap. If I wanted to be really fancy I could drizzle some marinara over this but I’m being lazy this morning and this TICKLES me just fine. I’m starting to wonder why I don’t do this more often during the week. I’ll have to ponder that… over another cup of coffee.

What’s for breakfast at your house this morning y’all? Seriously, I’m curious πŸ™‚

May your slippers keep your tootsies happy until noon.


Tickled Red