Today as I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of playing my favorite game of Catch-Up I sent the monkeys outside to play. You know, being a good mom and keeping the grey matter IN their brains rather than leaking out of their ears from overexposure to video games. Sun, fun and friends just what every little boy or girl needs right? Gooey ear leakage is now the least of my worries. I can always use left over wine corks or Shoe Goo to plug up their ears.

The boys were outside all of 10 minutes when Monkey Two came bolting into the house holding his arm, crying and in pain. Fortunately or as it turns out unfortunately my surfer had walked in the door just 5 minutes before all of the fa-houie broke loose. We loaded up the boys and rushed off to the doctor’s office. Four hours and three x-rays later M2 is the proud owner of a fractured wrist. Now you all are probably wondering how my smart, obedient, sweet cutie fractured his arm.


See the silver truck in the background? And the big tire? That’s what. M2 disobeyed one of dad’s rules this afternoon. He was climbing the tire into the back of the truck, in my flip-flops no less, when he fell. Evidently M1 took off on his bike and M2 wanted a higher vantage point to scope out the neighborhood and see where his big brother had taken off too.

Mmm,Hmmm…laugh it up chuckles. Wait until the cast is put on Monday afternoon. Not only are your climbing days over but I’m thinking about having the cast extend all the way up your thumb as pay back for giving me a heart attack today. You can kiss those video games goodbye Jack. Nah! Just kidding, I love this sweet baby too much but I will definitely be digging out the wax ear plugs and bell {sigh} not TICKLED.

You all probably think from the photo above that this is how I will be spending the next hour. No that is not what the Wild Turkey is for, though my surfer and I deserve a nip or two. The bourbon is a hint of what’s coming up in the next post. The one that I was half way through when Monkey Two decided to see who was tougher him or the ground. Monkey 0… Ground 1…live and learn.

I am off to snuggle with my little guy and keep him close beside me all night long. I promise ya’ll some yummy posts are coming very soon. As long as the monkeys keep their feet on the ground and the leprechaun’s stop stirring up trouble.

Love ya,

Tickled Red

PS: Notice the slightly fuzzy photos? I evidently fiddled the wrong way with my settings the other day, go figure. I’m working onΒ  it ya’ll but I am clueless as to what I did. Time to pull out the ole’ manual πŸ™‚