Do you see that big ole’ orange swirl? That would be Earl. Danielle has left and now Earl is knocking at the door. If you look on the map we live in the vicinity of Wilmington and since we have people who care about us calling, tweeting & emailing I thought that I would give you all a little bit of information as to what we do during a hurricane.

Living along hurricane alley you get used to watching out for any type of swirl forming off the coast of Africa. Also being married to a surfer you learn all about tide charts, the gulf stream, warm water flow patterns, wind and any other minuscule aspect of the weather that will have an impact on your daily life.Β  Let me just say that if I have to choose between earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanesΒ  I will always choose a hurricane, hands down… no contest.

Fortunately we have plenty of time to gauge the situation and make a decision. We will either hole up and stick it out, or head for the hills. If we have to leave it will give us a chance to visit family up in the mountains. That is not a option with earthquakes or tornadoes, with those two creeps you get hit fast and hard with hardly any warning. No thank you, I’ll stick to the east coast. As of right now we are not too concerned about Earl but we are keeping a very close eye on him.

As you can see from the projected path it looks like he will skirt our section of the NC coast. It helps that we live in the “C” part of the coastline, which means we don’t quite jut out enough to get clipped…sometimes. What we have to keep an eye on tonight and early in the morning, is Earl’s development as he moves into the warmer waters of the gulf stream. Once he moves into those waters he could bobble and weave, you just never know. Any deviation to the west will bring him on shore, that is not what we want. Unfortunately the Outer Banks do stick out quite a bit into the Atlantic and the projections seem to be steering Earl in that direction. So all of our prayers right now are with everyone close to the Outer Banks and on up past Cape Cod.

You might be wondering what we do in the meantime. Other than stocking up on provisions and making sure that we have boards to cover the windows my surfer is on the hunt. If you haven’t figured it out a hurricane also brings in swell. Every surfer from Florida to Maryland sends out a fervent prayer with each big storm that forms to please swing in close. Not close enough to damage homes or cause havoc but close enough to make their hearts pound with adrenaline and sing with joy. Finding that perfect break is always a merry chase right about now.

Another tradition would be Hurricane Parties. Yes you heard me right. We coastal crazies party it up during hurricanes. Not the big ones of course, those we run from. Our hurricane parties are similar to tailgating. Only inside…in the dark…with howling wind…for hours on end. Everyone preps their snacks and sandwiches ahead of time, board up their windows and head on over to the designated party house. Always, always making sure that there is plenty of water, batteries, flashlights, charged up blackberry’s or a radio. Some will also have a generator if they are lucky. I won’t lie, this is a college town so some parties will more than likely have some drinking going on. I have children, my hurricane parties are G-Rated.

Hurricane parties are basically a way to keep everyone from going bored out of their ever lovin’ minds once the power goes out. I would suggest a pack(s) of cards and some nifty travel games in your emergency kit whether you decide to stay and ride out the storm or go inland. If your husband is anything like mine the old motorcycle helmet comes out when the eye of the hurricane passes over. That way he can safely run around outside to get a good look at the damage without worrying about a stray branch flying by and conking him in the head. I’ve always wondered what would he do if it was a stop sign or the neighbors cat that came winging towards his head from out of nowhere?

Let me please stress that if you are reading this and live in any area being affected by Earl, please be safe. Listen to your city officials and evacuate when they tell you. Do not take any unnecessary risks. If my surfer happens to choose to ride out category 3 or 4 hurricane, do not follow his lead. He is an extremest… not an example. Just so you know on those occasions I flee with the monkeys and Zach, leaving him behind to guard the house. His personal choice, not mine.

There you go ya’ll, that in a nut shell is how we deal with hurricane ‘s. Now if I have left something out or if you have a question that I didn’t cover in this post please hit me up. I’ll keep chatting until the power goes out or my surfer steals my laptop so that I will cook dinner. Or snuggle. If that happens please know that I love ya’ll to pieces… but I’ll choose snuggling with that dripping wet man over my laptop all day long.

Did I mention that hurricanes TICKLE me? A happy surfer is a happy Red…Thanks Earl.


Tickled Red