I had a dream sometime in the wee hours of the morning. One of those vivid, all five sense’s engaged, dreams. I dreamed that I woke up and my darlin’ surfer was not beside me. As I sat up and slowly stretched, I could hear faint sounds coming from the living room. There in our immaculate living room I saw my darlin’. The early morning sun softly coming through the windows to bathe my love all the more golden as he was reading the morning paper.The monkeys were still sleeping snug in their beds. It was sublime.

As I took in the  peace and quite I heard one of the most beautiful sounds coming from the kitchen, the sound of the coffee pot. My darlin’s special brew dripping dark, rich, spiced nectar of the gods. There were even two cups waiting patiently on the counter to hold tenderly some of that lovely coffee. At that moment I felt a soft nudge on my back, “Honey…honey? Bye honey.”

“Huh..wha-?” It took me a second to realize that I was still in bed and that it was dark. It had all been a dream. Now there was a really bright light spilling in from the doorway behind my love, casting shadows across his face. He nudged my back again “Bye honey… I’m going?”  I still wasn’t quite awake. “Where are you going?”,  I asked over my shoulder to the dark specter while the bright lights pierced harshly into my cornea’s. “To check the waves, I’ll be back in a bit.”  That statement registered into my foggy brain, was computed as normal at which point my semi functioning brain sent out the correct response, as my head fell with a heavy plop back down on my pillow “Um… okay…have fun…love you…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”.

Even though I can’t tell you how good the waves are now, seeing as how I am sitting here in my pj’s and I am still groggy from being woken up before the sun rose…again…on a Sunday…again. What I can tell you is that my surfer has been gone more than a bit. If Hurricane Danielle has been kind enough to kick up some decent swell off of our coast he probably has a look and swagger right about now akin to this little photo.

Even if the waves are remotely good, you can bet that he is out there surfing with a perm-a-grin right now. His heart has probably been skipping a few beats and he is happy a lark as he carves his name in the waves with his board. That mans loooooves being in the water and on a surf board. Technically I am his wife but in reality I am his mistress. Not so bad when you think about it, other than my weekends starting entirely too early for my taste.

The photo above was taken with his buddy Dave’s blackberry. They are thick as thieves. This photo is what pops up on Dave’s phone now whenever my surfer calls him.  I can’t make it bigger for ya’ll sorry.

Dave took a photo of me as well the same day…and added “a name”.

Dave isn’t allowed back at my house.

He isn’t even allowed back on my property.

In fact King Zach has specific instructions to gnaw on him the next time he tries to sneak my husband off on another dawn patrol surf session. Nah! I jest. I love Dave, I just don’t love the photo of me munching on cereal that he refuses to remove from his phone. Or the name, we won’t go there.

Seeing as how my surfer took off in the wee hours of the morning and left me all alone there isn’t any nectar of the gods nestled in my hand at this moment, as you may have guessed. Nor is the house immaculate. Thank you Hurricane Danielle for stealing away my Sunday morning snuggle buddy, maker of my divine coffee and object of my GaGa’s. Ah-dreams…why do you always have to tease me so.

So I am off to brew some coffee, decaf that is seeing as how I am trying to cut back on caffeine (sniff-sniff), I would have made an exception for his coffee. I suppose I should also clean a little, as well as make breakfast for the monkeys who just woke up. I’m thinking homemade pancakes with praline crumble and strawberries. Maybe even some homemade whipped cream to top them off.

Giggle…Enjoy those waves darlin’, we’ll be thinking of you 🙂

Have a great Sunday morning with your family,

Tickled Red