Hi ya’ll, I apologize for being a bit late with this post. We were at the pool longer than I anticipated this evening. You know boys, “Just one more flying eagle over the tower of ten innertubes…please!”.  So as soon as I rounded the monkeys up we rushed home to quickly prepare 50 plus names for our random give away before I lost every bit of light.

I have to tell you guys that ya’ll are some very smart cookies. Either that or I need to pick a much harder riddle next time. Nah, you guys rock! Also I adore having some very well read buddies hanging out there in cyberspace visiting me from time to time. Yes the answer to the riddle was an Egg and it did come from the Hobbit. You all can thank my darlin’ surfer for the idea. He told me to look in one of his favorite books for a riddle after we were discussing my friend’s son, who recently enjoyed reading the Hobbit himself.

With EGG being the answer what better game to play than Bob for Eggs. Okay, okay… not an overly original idea but you have to remember that you are dealing with water puppies here. Those monkeys  would spend every waking moment submerged in water until they turned into unrecognizable soggy pieces of flesh with a multitude of wrinkles. Not to mention they haven’t bobbed for anything this summer since the very first giveaway and their idea gave them an excuse to stay wet just a little bit longer.

We put everyone’s name(s) in an egg, filled up the tub with water and Monkey Two swished you all around until you were good and dizzy, or at least your eggs were all good and mixed up. That boy is good at creating a whirlpool.

This time the monkeys bobbed three times. I’ll explain further as we go.

Monkey One went first.

But had to pause for a little blindfold assistance from Monkey Two. It’s kind of hard to grab an egg with a mouth full of drenched cloth. Once he fixed his blindfold  he proceeded to bob.

And bob.

Until he finally came up with an egg.

In order for both monkeys to have a chance we decided to bob for another egg. Look at my little guy…he’s so funny.

Now when Monkey Two bobs for anything he is all business.

See. All done. Seriously, I only have these two photos because he snatched that egg out so bloody quickly.

Just look at my cute little Speedy Gonzales. That’s the way to use those new big chompers baby!

We couldn’t have two winners, so that meant one more chance for someone to dunk their head into water. They hadn’t accumulated enough wrinkles yet you know.  First the boys emptied the tub of all the other eggs, sorry guys, and then returned the two eggs that they had retrieved.

The monkeys got a huge kick out of the fact that it would be down to blue vs pink. What are the odds that pink and blue would be the colors pulled from that rainbow pile of eggs. There was a huge wrestling match to the death over who would get a chance to bob for the winner. There were punches, kicks, scratching, teeth biting, blows below the belt…not. My monkeys don’t beat on each other. They bicker back and forth but never anything violent, much anyway.

No, they both agreed that Monkey One should go again since he is a hoot to watch and can’t seem to get his mouth around an egg. That in itself is hilarious to me. As much as that boy talks I would’ve thought those jaw muscles would be stretched out and strong as a vice grip by now from so much exercise.

Go M1, go…grab a winner baby! You can do it!

Ha,Ha!! Pink beats blue, pink beats blue, pink beats blue! Sorry but in a house filled with boys I’ll take every little victory that I possibly can when it comes to Estrogen vs Testosterone.

Now the funny thing about objects wedged into a pocket full of hot air…the air will on occasion push the objects out with the force of a mini rocket. Hence the pink flash and the look of surprise, blurry though they  may be.

Anyway lets see whose name was hidden in that cute little pink egg. I’m so loving pink now by the way. Dat-dada-DA and the winner is…

Caitie it is! Please be sure to email me at tickledred@hotmail.com to collect your prize from CSN Stores. I really would like to thank everyone for playing our Monday is Giving Giveaway this week, we had such a blast and love reading all of your comments. I would also like to thank CSN Stores once again for generously donating to our giveaway.

As ya’ll may have noticed I have been working on some changes with the blog, that is why there were not as many posts this week. Next week you will see more posts and maybe a couple of changes. Let me know what you think, I love feedback.

As usual this has been a fun-filled entertainment brought to you by Red Monkey Productions. We look forward to playing with you all again real soon 🙂


Tickled Red & The Monkeys