Guess what, guess what?!? That’s right it’s giveaway time again with our good buddies at CSN Stores. I’m so excited for ya’ll! Now for those of you who are new to our little blog CSN Stores is generous enough to participate in our “Monday is Giving” giveaway from time to time. They have 200 plus online stores where you can find a multitude of quality household items. Such as dinnerware sets, bedding, cookware, furniture and my favorite green friendly items. This time around I thought that I would share with you all some of the different items they have that I’ve personally been drooling over.

I am addicted to china and this Sengware 4 Piece Classic Round Place Setting in Heaven has my full attention.

I have an affinity for blue…hmmm wonder why?

Isn’t this Thomas Paul Octopus Tea Towel in Java too much? I adore sea animals.

Would you look at this PEM America Catch a Wave Sheet Set, it’s perfect for my monkeys. Surf’s Up!

Monkey One is getting older and we have been checking out bigger beds for him lately. I love this South Shore Cakao Full Size Bedroom Set, especially with the extra storage under the bed.

Here’s the good news, CSN Stores is giving away a $50 coupon redeemable at any of their 200 plus online stores. Ya’ll have got to love that.

For this Monday is Giving giveaway we have a fun little riddle for you all. Take a guess and see if you can guess what it is and try really, really hard not to look it up on Google. I know some of you out there have fingers that are just twitching to hit the information highway on this but resist the urge.

Here is what you will need to do to participate in this giveaway.

1. Guess the answer. Right or wrong you will automatically have your name entered into the random drawing.

2. If you get it right Wahoo! The correct answer means you now have your name entered a second time.

3. *Bonus*- If you can figure out where I found the riddle you will have your name entered a third time. Hint: It wasn’t online.

The contest will close Friday 8-20-10 at 12pm PST. The answer and winner will be reveled Sunday 8-22-10 by 8pm EST.

*All comments will be held for this post until the big revel on Sunday*

Riddle me this…

A box without hinges, key or lid,

Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

{What am I?}

The monkeys are so TICKLED to bring you all another entertainment from Red Monkey Productions. They are already hard at work coming up with a game for the random drawing. You can actually hear the wheels spinning & see the smoke pouring out from their ears. Then again it has been a while since our last giveaway, so those creative gears are a wee bit rusty.

Yo monkeys! A little WD-40 would be good right about now. You’re going to pop a gasket!

Good luck and have fun ya’ll πŸ™‚


Tickled Red