How do you like that photo? I think that I will just pause here for a moment while you take in all of the details.

{whistling, sipping lemonade, flipping through Coastal Living}

Mmm, Mmm, good!! Ketchup, mustard and don’t forget gritty nutrient filled sand ๐Ÿ™‚

Can you breathe yet? Do your ribs hurt? These photos CRACK me up. I don’t think that I have ever loved the colors red or yellow more in my life. You see, a game ofย  Corndog is one of the many ways we have fun during a contest and by we I mean the adults of course. Don’t get me wrong the kids have a blast participating but the adults are simply hooting it up over how far these kids will go for a hat, stickers, surf wax and other such goodies that the sponsors usually give away at a surf contest.

For me personally it TICKLES my funny bone to no end seeing them all messy and covered in food condiments, it reminds me of the good ole days. What can I say, I’m the oldest of four. There were always those moments where someone came away covered in food.

Here is how the game Corndog works…

1. Get wet

2. Roll around in the sand. Sand=Bun, it’s a color thing.

3. Squirt yourself or be squirted with ketchup & mustard. From head to toe, in your ears, up your nose, in your mouth, down your…okay you get my point.

4. You are now a walking, talking, moronically grinning human corndog. The one drenched in the most goo wins.

You know that you’re the winner when you need help finding your way down to the water to wash off. Also when you’ve turned the other boys around you into squeamish Nelly’s squealing,“Ewwwwww…gross dude!”, you know that you’re the best doggone Corndog player ever.

You might be wondering where my monkeys were in all of this. This fun bit of entertainment occurred on the very first day of the contest and my monkeys didn’t make it down in time. Monkey One had his first job that weekend dog sitting our friends adorable pooch Casey. Although I can promise you they would have been the first in line to play this game. It’s one of their favorites.

Here I’ll show you a glimpse from the past courtesy of Volcom’s Cooterfish Surf Series

Volcom loves to make collages out of their photos. That would be Monkey Two squirting ketchup into his big brother’s mouth a couple of years ago. Did anyone else notice the guy in the back? Seems like he’s always jumping into the photos when food games are going on. Corndog is just one of the games that were played during the contest. I have a couple more silly ones to show you later.

Surfers and little surf groms just love playing with food during a contest. I’ll keep playing with my food as well but in the kitchen where it belongs. Speaking of food I am off to make another cheesecake for ya’ll so that I can have it posted tomorrow afternoon.

I hope that you enjoyed the shenanigans, have a great Saturday evening!!


Tickled Red