There are simply not appropriate words to describe starting out your day with this view. The soft pastel colors that change each moment, the cirrus clouds streaking out lending majesty to the sky and hardly anyone around as you listen to the soothing lull of the waves. Serenity itself.

The sky bursts  into warm  hues of orange and fuschia as the sun slowly rises above the horizon. Yet the ocean remains ever cool and refreshing as seagulls glide quietly through the morning sky. Everything is so peaceful that you find yourself walking softer through the sand and whispering in hushed tones so as not to disturb the fleeting moments of calm. The world seems wrapped in a blanket of colorful quiet.

The sunrise is my favorite part of working any of the surf contests and I really wanted you guys to see it’s glory so my darlin’ took these photos for you. These are just a little something to tide you all over while I work on grouping together the other photos and run M1 to his part of the swim championships today.

Enjoy some serenity in your morning ya’ll.


Tickled Red

PS: The structure is the scaffolding for the announcers, judges and tabulators, this is where we worked all weekend.