I just wanted to keep you all up to date. This morning I left for the contest with my schedule all mapped out.

7am-2pm Reef Sweetwater Contest

5pm-7:30pm Swim League Championships

9pm-11pm Posting 🙂

Yeah right! My schedule hardly ever works out. Leprechauns people! I’m telling you all seriously…Leprechauns!

It is 9:45pm here and we just now walked in the door. The swim meet was postponed for 2 hours due to thunder and lightning but fortunately no rain. Monkey Two and I are beat down. So we are going to kick our heels up and relax while I go through the 443 photos that were taken during the weekend.

Unfortunately that means it will be tomorrow before I get them up and posted. I will be nice and give you all some hints as to what is coming.


Reef Sandals


Fun in the Sun

and those hints are not what you think…well maybe one is 🙂

Have a great evening ya’ll I am off to make like a zombie and curse the Leprechauns that love to haunt me on occasion.


Tickled Red