Just letting you all know where you can find us for the next three days 🙂 This is an event run by some dear friends of ours and we try to help them out as much as possible each year. My darlin’ is always heading up the judging on the amateur side and I do what ever they need. I am not so good at figuring out the maneuvers and whose whose out in the water, it’s a good thing they all wear colored jerseys.  The monkeys of course are always running around like they own the place each year, like everyone has shown up just to see them or something, crazy hooligans.

If  seeing guys in wetsuits and board shorts is your thing ( I enjoy one in particular) or you would like to see what goes on during a surf contest… actually check out some of our East Coast guys and gals surfing it up just go to  Wblivesurf.com during the course of the event. You might even catch a glimpse of us…who knows. If you do don’t be shocked by my appearance. I just rolled out of bed threw this up real quick and bolted. It is the beach ya’ll and I am allowed to bum it on occasion.  My poor monkeys are sleep walking right now. Luckily for them this year Monkey One has a dog sitting job so they get to come down later on.

I will be posting photos either late tonight or sometime tomorrow for you all but I won’t be able to post in what I call “Real Time Mode” like I normally do. Sand, surf, laptop…not a good combo ya’ll. Trust me if there were to be some sort of laptop beach catastrophe, it would definitely happen to me. I am jinxing it enough by taking my camera. Have fun today and I will chat with you all soon 🙂


Tickled Red

PS: If for some reason you are unable to watch the contest please let me know. That way I can get it all figured out for you by tomorrow 🙂