Good Morning Ya’ll

I hope that you all had a great week with your family and friends. I definitely owe you guys an apology for leaving you hanging this week. My fajita & cheese idea of fun lazy days didn’t quite go as planned. Reality does kick in at some point doesn’t it… Buzz kill!

We have been a bit busy and wrapped up in trying to get our groove back.  As I mentioned last Monday, this was the first time that my surfer had been gone for three weeks. I have to admit it takes a good week to get everyone’s schedules and routines back in sync. Can I just say it has been a slightly weird for me to let go of those control reigns some. Then again I have issues with being the boss in general…redhead thing you know.

There have been a couple of interesting things developing this week and I will fill ya’ll in on those this evening. Right now I have to run the monkeys to morning swim practice and get some errands done for the pool. Oh yeah! I almost forgot I will be making something special with these little guys tonight for you guys. I’ll give you a hint…grits.  🙂

So have a great morning and afternoon! I will be chatting with you all tonight.


Tickled Red