At 8:00 this evening after a long day of trying to catch up on some chores, as I was folding the sixth pile of laundry, I asked Monkey Two what game we should play in order to pick our winner this evening. Dead air and silence were the only responses that I received.  At first I was pleased, thinking that he was getting into the HBO production of John Adams that I was watching while I worked.  Then my reality synapses sputtered and fired…”Yeah Right Red!”. As I looked over my shoulder this is what I saw…

Well would you look at my little worn out Monkey Two.  I left my exhausted little puppy be and went back to folding towels. I had another Monkey in the wings you see, undoubtedly coming up with something clever. Monkey One is more of the master mind when it comes to games and what not around the house. I can still hear his three year old little voice saying with complete conviction, “Mom! Mom! I have an IDEA.” Thus a mastermind was born.

Not 10 minutes after I discovered my little man asleep Monkey One wanders into the living room looking for his side kick. The life of leisure is not much fun without a sidekick you know, so upon finding M2 asleep he decided he had enough of playing video games and sat down on the couch to contemplate a wondrous game that the two of us could accomplish on our own this evening.

While his wheels were spinning and percolating I continued to work on some desperately neglected chores. Fifteen minutes later the chores were under way. This gave me the perfect opportunity for a break and some fun with my oldest boy. Wahoo! Game time and picking a winner is always high on my list as an entertaining evening activity.

That is when you aren’t playing by yourself…

??? What in the world happened to my crew? Two Thirds of  Red Monkey Productions was now sound asleep on the job within 30 minutes. Man, there goes game time! But they are adorable when they sleep and quiet too. Which TICKLES me just fine on some occasions 🙂

So guess what ya’ll? You are stuck with me tonight and unfortunately I am not as creative as the monkeys are when it comes to making up nifty games. Therefore I went with the tried and true method of  drawing a name from  a bowl this evening. Amid the cacophony of Zzzzzzz I closed my eyes  fished around in my bowl, not “The Bowl”, swirling and shuffling for a good two minutes then pulled out a name.

Ta-Da! Sleepy Cat Hollow you are the proud winner of one 3.5 quart Le Creuset Stoneware Oval serving bowl in Caribbean Blue from CSN I do hope that you enjoy filling that fantastic bowl darlin’ with all kinds of goodies.

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Thank You again CSN for generously contributing to our
Monday is Giving Giveaway 🙂 We truly do appreciate it.

I am off to finish some chores before my surfer gets home and catches me slacking on the job like the monkeys 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment on our giveaway.

Hugs & Kisses,

Tickled Red