Some days it pays to stay home and not see what my younger brother is doing with my children.

Especially with my baby.

My littlest.

My sweetie.

My mostly shy boy.

The one who used to hide behind my legs when meeting new people.

The one who still has little fingers and toes to kiss on.

You know baby as in the last child you will ever, ever, ever have.

Anyone have a brown bag handy?

Defibrillator? No?

I am going to go sit down now.

Who knew monkeys could fly?

In case you were wondering my little guy was entirely TICKLED. As was his older brother…who has video footage of himself soaring with the seagulls. I on the other hand have been hit with reality. I live with not one extremist, not two extremist, but three crazy extremist. Count them three.

The swooshing sound you just heard was me throwing in the towel.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Hey guys…I hear the waves at Mavericks are banging! What about K2 it’s nice this time of year? Wait up for me!


Tickled Red