Oh my goodness the house is a mess!

It is such a bloody chore!

Do I really have to deal with this stress?

Must I clean all of this today or for that matter anymore?


Why can’t I be Samantha and just twitch my nose?

Just think how grand that would be! To magic the kitchen & infamous overflowing closet.

Oh my and the monkeys room! And let’s not forget the funkified bathrooms, see “TWITCH”“POOF” there it all goes!

Ahhh… to have such a talent, to never be so overwhelmed and always beset.


I can wish, I can hope but who am I kidding?

Life doesn’t work that way…

Those numerous piles of chores are never ending.

And if I don’t get busy with them soon something will coming along and make those piles sway.


So here I go no more whining. No matter what I have to tackle the load.

I must, I must whittle them down and make those piles shift.

And try my best not to drown in my messy abode.

But if I fail and you don’t hear from me soon you had better call the EMT and send over a forklift.


Signed the not so TICKLED domestically overwhelmed redhead,


PS: I am dead serious about that forklift! Yeah, yeah! I know I’m a dork… don’t shoot me because I stink at poetry, it’s just my way of procrastinating the inevitable.