After our crazy fun filled weekend we went to Monkey Two’s class today for his end of the year party and had these self made concoctions. Honestly there are at least 8 different flavors in that bowl.

He didn’t love it one little bit. Nope not at all. Can you tell?

Then the boys have been swimming a minimum of 2 hours every evening and of course goofing around just a little as well.

Yeesh mom! Do you always have to be taking pictures?

That’s my job monkey head. How else am I going to get funny face photos like these to torture you with when you are in high school?Β  πŸ™‚

The chicken said to the duck, “Guess what”?Β  “What”, replied the duck.

“Coach is looking a bit confused”, said the chicken. “Oh yeah, ha ha! Would you look at that”,Β  said the duck. “Think we should stop now”?, asked the duck. “Nah”, said the chicken.

After sitting around the pool this evening and sweating to the point that I felt like I had been swimming as well, only in thick sticky mud rather than cool water, we came home and decided to finally work on picking a winner for the Lowe’s Gift Card Giveaway. Seeing as how I felt like I had dropped the ball this weekend that is what we did this evening… literally.

Dropped the Ball-Game

The object of the game is to drop the ball and see if a name on a slip pops out. If more than one slip pops out those particular slips will be placed in the tray and the process will start over until only one slip lands outside of the tray. If said monkey doesn’t have any luck the game is forfeited and the gift card reverts back to mom. Just kidding πŸ™‚

Everyone’s name on a slip of paper.

Slips folded.

One tray.

One rubber bouncy ball.

A monkey.

I wrote everyone’s name down, folded the slips of paper and put them in a tray.

Monkey Two dropped the ball faster than I could capture it in a photo.

But he did get a slip to pop out on the first try. Wahoo!! That means you get to go to bed on time little man since you have one more day of school. Great job darlin’! Oh wait, before you bounce off to bed who won?

Congrats Amy!! Email your address to The lighting in this photo may be off, it may also be a bit fuzzy but my little monkeys grin TICKLES me too no end πŸ™‚

This has been a late night endeavor of Red Monkey Productions. Now for this weeks Monday is Giving.

For me one of the best aspects of summer would be books. Reading a good book during vacation, while lounging at the beach or as you may have guessed at the pool. Also we love joining the summer book clubs at the library. So this weeks giveaway for Monday is Giving is a $20 gift card to Barnes and Noble to help you with your summer reading. Contest ends at 12 midnight PST on Friday, June 18th.

Tell me what your favorite book is or what category you usually end up reading the most. Being a book geek myself I can’t wait to hear what you all like to read.

I truly hope that you all enjoy your evening,

Tickled Red