You see, we three four,

Fred, Joe and me,

Is chums.

When I say “hullo!”

To Fred and Joe

They comes.

Arthur Guiterman

This Monday is Giving is for the guys out there. Fathers’ Day is right around the corner and I thought that I would help you all get a jump start.

Those are most of my guys up above. My surfer, my monkeys and my dad (minus my lil’ brother). The ones who keep me hopping all the time…literally. Now ya’ll know that my monkeys are silly goofballs and that my surfer is an instigator as well as an extremist. Did ya’ll know that my dad was voted class clown when he was in high school? Yep! Now you you know where half of the goofy gene came from, my mom is responsible for contributing the other half.

My dad is a character all right, I will give you a few trivia tidbits about him.

1. His name is the same as a Greek legend.

2. He would get off of the bus at the end of his street, skip school and have all of the girls do his homework. MmHmm…I use him as the prime example of what not to do during your academic career with the monkeys.

3. He does a very realistic impression of Ernest T. Bass.  To my complete and utter horror when I was a teenager he did this as often as possible in public.

4. When we moved to the coast from the mountains my mom offered to drive around the block and wave at him because in a big city no one waves at each other like they do in small towns. He was not feeling that at all.

5.  He threatened one of my suitors when I was 16. I was told by said suitor that dad offered to clean the asphalt with his face if he didn’t stay away. That one TICKLES me the most. All girls need to know that their dad will go the distance for them. It also turns out he was right about the guy…no good.

6. Dad had my surfer entirely stumped the first time he met my parents. My darlin’ didn’t understand a word my dad said due to his thick accent. So thick in fact a cab driver in NY thought that my dad was from Ireland.

7. He is a little guy 5′ 7″-150 lbs- size 7 shoe. Yet this man was a Drill Sgt. who trained up and coming Drill Sgt.’s in the Army. Can ya’ll say cocky.

8. He makes a cake of cornbread at least twice a week.

9. Would be ecstatic if he could have ramps (wild onions) every week. We on the other hand would make him live in the garage if he did.

10. Dreams of living on a boat.

So there is a little about my dad. Leave a comment telling me a little about your dad, a male role model in your life or a guy that you adore in order to enter this Monday is Giving-Giveaway. This weeks giveaway is a $25 dollar gift card to Lowes Home Improvement. You can give it to your hubby, dad, uncle, brother or you can keep it yourself…I won’t mind 🙂

Comment on this post to enter. The contest ends Friday June 11th at midnight PST. One winner will be chosen randomly by Red Monkey Productions on Saturday.

I can’t wait to hear about your guys,

Tickled Red