Today is Memorial Day. For most of us today there will not be any work. We will spend the day frolicking with our children and grilling out with our families. We know that this a day to remember the men and women who came before us and fought for our freedoms. We celebrate them today. We honor them today. We sometimes loose focus though on the men and women still making that sacrifice. It’s not that we don’t care or don’t know but unless you have someone over there to worry about it is not a daily concern for most of us, including me.

This year we do have a friend serving away from home. Away from his young son, unable to celebrate a day off from work, grilling hamburgers and watching fireworks together. It had me thinking all night about how very thankful I am. Thankful that my dad came home from Vietnam and that I still have him in my life. That my boys have their parents home everyday to toss them around, play games and tuck them in at night. It is simplicity itself and we are blessed.

Not everyone is that fortunate. Not only because they are separated from their loved ones right now due to being deployed. Because some of those young service men and women may not have family waiting for them to come home. They may have lost loved ones, be estranged from their families or spent their childhood in foster homes. Being the older sister of three adopted siblings I am very aware of the fact that not all children find a home.

So this Monday is Giving will be for them. I am going to ask that you please take the time to write a letter to a solider rather than play for a prize. That we all think of them first this week. It won’t take much just a few kind words of encouragement and a postage stamp.

Any Soldier is an organization that helps soldiers who do not receive much if any mail, receive a letter sent in from citizens around the US.

The USO who has been helping out soldiers since my grandmother was a nurse during the world wars, is also able to send messages. I believe theirs are sent via email.

Both organizations websites are set up to be as helpful as possible in answering any questions that you may have.

I love the thought that some young person who is usually skipped on mail day will have a drawing from a child given to them. Thanks and praise from an experienced vet or a poem from someone in another state. Something that will make them them feel that they are not alone. That they get to feel TICKLED for a few moments is priceless. The monkeys and I are starting our letters today.

I want to thank you all so very much for letting me change up this weeks Monday is Giving. I know that it is probably not what you were expecting and I hope that you understand why I felt the need to do so. I promise to resume things as usual next week.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day today with all of your family and friends!!


Tickled Red