The monkeys and I just arrived home from spending six hours at the pool. Yes count them SIX. It was sunny, unbearably hot and humid. Any other day I wouldn’t be whining but my darlin’ was out of town again until tonight. Which means the amount of sleep I had before I exposed myself to the heat can be measured by a shark. Get it? No? Okay, sharks sleep while moving so technically they don’t sleep very much.

KER-SPLAT! Wow that joke fell flatter than a pancake.

Sorry ya’ll my humor is dry right now. My head has a dull throb, every hair follicle hurts and my eyes feel like lead. The walking zombie is just going to go ahead and announce a winner this evening therefore forgoing the game process this Saturday.

Here goes and the winner is…

HaHa Fooled You!

Did you guys really think that we would leave all of you hanging in the wind like that? Nuh Hunh, No way Jose’. We love playing games with you all too much. I will go ahead and apologize for the quality of the photos because I didn’t fib about the six hours at the pool and my indoor lighting is on the soft yellow side. Let me go ahead and apologize as well for the monkeys looking haggard. Hee Hee they are completely worn out and going to crash very soon. The monkeys are snuggled up with me as I write this and M2 feels all warm and heavy on my hip. Don’t you just love that instinctive feeling with your child?  I call that feeling the “warm and fuzzies”. You don’t even have to look, you can feel them falling asleep. Back to the random drawing for coffee.

Sipping For a Winner


One Pecan posing as a coffee bean

Hot Chocolate posing as the coffee

One Blindfold

Two Monkeys

Monkey Two really, really, really wanted to have a drawing where you shuffle the upside down cups around. The problem with that game would be that there is usually only one item hidden under the shuffled cup. We have more than one name, that wouldn’t exactly work. So we brainstormed and modified the traditional magic trick of misdirection.

This masked bandit otherwise known as Monkey One assisted me in the misdirection portion of our game. Please ignore my weird two-tone wall, I am debating on painting a mural there.

Misdirection One-I taped your names to the bottom of the cups then I turned them right side up and shuffled them all around. That way none of us knew which cup had whose name on it.

Randomness-M1, blind as the proverbial bat, took the pecan above and dropped it randomly into a cup. Technically the game is done at this point but where would the fun be in that? It was also M2’s idea to use the misdirection cup game so he had to have a hand in it as well.

Misdirection Two– Still blindfolded M1 shuffled the cups around a second time. Off he went to blindfold M2.

I added hot chocolate to to all of the cups. M2 had the fun part of the game. He had to drink hot coco (coffee) until he found the cup with the hidden pecan (coffee bean) MmmMmm… Good! By the way there is no way that I would ever let either of my monkeys drink coffee until they were at least 20.

That’s it. Game all done. Not an over the top game but it sure was tasty and hit the spot after a fun filled day at the pool. M2 was a sweet boy as always and shared the left over cups of hot coco with me. I must say ya’ll were scrump-dilly-ishous!

What? What’s wrong? Did we forget to name the winner? Are you guys sure about that? Positively? Absolutely? Unmistakeably sure that we didn’t tell ya’ll? Hold on let me check…

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling Up

Scrolling Down

Scrolling…okay I’ll stop now 🙂 I couldn’t help myself.

Congrats Web Savy Mom 🙂 You have won a 1 lb bag of coffee from Port City Java. Email your address to and let me know if you prefer fully-loaded high-test coffee or the not so jacked up coffee.

Thank you all so much for letting the monkeys and I entertain you with another brain child from Monkey Red Productions. You have no idea how much it TICKLES us.


Tickled Red

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