* Warning-This is a peek into my neurosis again…enjoy. Giveaway at the end*

I don’t want to do the dishes…they seem to always multiply.

I don’t want to do the laundry…it is always wet or sandy.

I don’t want to sweep the floor…even more sand.

I don’t want to put away the laundry…it’s just tedious.

I don’t want to clean the toilets…especially since they are used by boys.

I don’t want to dust…because there is always dust, always!

I don’t want to write…because I am cranky today.

I don’t want to do anything…because it is Monday!

Inhaling deeply Ahhh…I smell coffee 🙂

My darlin’ is up.

He is making coffee. Is he adding his secret ingredient this morning?

You know… those dishes will be done in a flash.

The laundry can be going while I sweep all the sand away.

Once I put all of the clothes up I can find my favorite summer shirt again.

I can make those bathrooms sparkle and shine in a jiffy.

Jack Johnson always sets the mood for dancing those dust bunnies away.

Then it’s off to the consignment shops with Tammy. Now I am TICKLED 🙂

After a satisfied, fun filled day I can attempt to write again.

Thank You coffee!! You make my Monday. You make my everyday that much brighter and full of joy. What would I do without you? Please don’t ever let me find out.

I am a coffee girl! My dad passed on that trait seeing as how my mom won’t touch it and only drinks tea. I can’t live without it. I have given it up for Lent in order to cut back on the eight cups a day that I used to drink. I could give coffee up entirely if I really had too but fortunately I don’t have to.

This Monday I am giving away a one lb bag of coffee from my favorite local coffee shop Port City Java. I need my PCJ in the mornings and I think that once you try it you will be hooked like me. Plus I love to share some of my local favorites with ya’ll as you know.

Port City Java was unveiled in Wilmington, NC and has grown into an international company with over 60 stores. PCJ is renowned not only for their amazing coffee, espresso and delicious treats but their generosity in giving back to communities as well as bringing attention to some unique out reach programs.

So are you a coffee or tea person? What is your favorite coffee or tea? This inquiring mind wants to know.

I am off to remind my surfer to prep the coffee pot for tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for letting me ramble on about my Monday and my addiction to coffee. I can’t wait for Tuesday…bring it! I am armed with my PCJ  and can face anything thrown my way 🙂


Tickled Red

* Note-Port City Java doesn’t know about Tickled Red or Monday is Giving.*


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