Have you ever played a game of Washers? It’s very similar to horseshoes only you have a much smaller target.

You have to get that little washer into those PVC pipes for points. Yeesh!

The game is often played with four people on teams of two that attempt to toss metal washers into a wooden box 20-25 feet away. You score points by either getting the washer in the box (1 point) or by getting the washer in the center tube (3 points). The winning team is the first to get to a predetermined point number (usually 15 or 21).

Now I know that ya’ll are probably wondering why I am telling you guys all about the game of Washers. I can hear y’all asking, Where is Bessie? Why can’t Bessie play? We love Bessie! This washers stuff is all so Zzzzzzzzzzzz. You see Bessie was busy frolicking on the beach today. Remember she is a tourist and is trying to take in all of the sights before heading back to the ranch. We were also at a family gathering this evening playing Washers when the ancient light bulb in my head decided to flicker and sputter.

Is it just me or does that octagon Washer box look kind of like a waffle? Ummm…hello? Tap, tap, tap…is there anyone out there? Ya-hoo!?  Okay, okay we were just playing around and wanted to include ya’ll in the fun. I am also ashamed to say that the monkeys of Red Monkey Productions went on strike this week. Evidently they were not happy with their rate of pay. They demanded a dozen donuts per production. I was able to negotiate them down to half a dozen but it took all week. Needless to say all production projects came to a screeching halt during this time. Including the upkeep of their room.

Here is how we decided to play our game of washers for the random giveaway since the monkeys haven’t quite gotten the hang of the actual game.

1. Put everyone’s name into a bowl.

2. Pick a name.

3. Monkey One tosses a washer. If it lands in the PVC pipe SCORE!! That person wins a waffle iron.

4. If he misses we start the process over again until he gets it right or I toss him into a pipe.

While everyone was enjoying the game I jotted all of your names down, cut them into strips and folded them up.

Monkey One shook the names up and up and up! I find the faces that kids make when they are concentrating hilarious. I used to stick  my tongue out. That’s right, used too…cough.

He closed his eyes and picked a name.

Then he gave the washer a toss.

SCORE!! Although not on the first try. He did this four times until he was able to get the washer into the pipe. I would show you all each and every toss but I have almost used up all of my allotted media space. I know I am a big dork. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Not to mention that would be cruel and unusual punishment don’t you think?  So with out further ado, the winner is…

edmontonjb!! Congrats!! You have won a Cuisinart Waffle Iron from CSN Stores.

Awww… my monkey is so TICKLED with himself for getting that tinsey winsey little disc of metal into that 4 inch hole 🙂

edmontonjb please email your address to me at tickledred@hotmail.com and CSN Stores will have your prize shipped out to you soon.

I just wanted to say Thank You very much again to CSN Stores for being so generous and contributing to our weekend fun.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend ya’ll


Tickled Red