In honor of this give away for The Pioneer Woman’s cook book we enlisted some help from an expert, Bessie. Bessie is one of the cows that stowed away in my van during my trip to meet Ree. Bessie couldn’t help but hitch a ride home, especially with Homer Simpson being the Pied Piper of cows and all. She was more than willing to help us out today. However she was in a hurry to get back to my corn so she said that we would have to move this drawing along lickety split. HaHa I am so tongue in cheek sometimes.

Sorry for the puns, they were down right bad but I couldn’t help myself. Lack of sleep brings out my dorky side.

Ready to play Spin Bessie and see who gets a big wet win?

Monkey Two won the coin toss again so he will be giving Bessie the ole’ heave ho. Yeesh! M2 back up. You are making everyone’s eyes cross. Yeah I love you too goof ball.

Now if Bessie lands on a number and not a name, that’s how many licks she will have to give the boys. Seeing as how they are not getting spun around this time to the point of upchucking, I had to find a way to torture them some how. What better way than slobbery wet cow kisses? Also if a name is in the middle of two slots it is because that person entered the drawing two out of the four different ways possible.

Okay baby, give Bessie a good spin.

Wahoo! 500 licks for the monkeys!! You go Bessie. I’ll pull out the hose guys, you are going to need a good rinsing off after she is done with you. PS: Make sure that you brush your teeth… more than once. πŸ™‚

Spin again and to be fair start from the same point darlin’. Da, da, da- dum and the winner is…

Umm… Monkey One what are you doing? Oh, I get it! No way Jose I am not making Ree’s cinnamon rolls right now, no matter how much you bat those baby blues at me. Get out of the way ya nut people are waiting to see who Bessie’s tongue will land on. Oh alright, I’ll make cinnamon rolls but later on. Move please πŸ™‚

Look at that Bessie’s tongue “licked” McGee Mommy!! Congrats darlin’ email me your address at

Here at Red Monkey Productions we would like to give a round of applause to Bessie for all of her help. I know that she has to be dizzy and soon her tongue will be dry. I look forward to hearing the monkeys squeal though as she gives them their 500 wet, sloppy, fat tongued licks πŸ™‚

Also I would like to express a truly heartfelt Thank You to Ree for taking the time to sign not one but two books for me. If I ever get to meet you again darlin’ I am giving you a hug, my nerves can go check themselves at the door πŸ™‚

Thanks for playing ya’ll. See you again for the next Monday is Giving-Giveaway. Red Monkey Productions has already begun working on the next funfilled drawing for you all.

Remember give random acts of kindness as well on Monday. A smile and a compliment go a long way.


Tickled Red