Welcome ya’ll to one of the three farmers markets in my area. Don’t those turnips and radishes  look glorious? Every Wednesday Poplar Grove Plantation holds a farmers market on it’s grounds. Yes my friends I did say Plantation. I do live in the south remember.

Poplar Grove Plantation is one of the oldest plantations in NC. It was built in 1849 in the Greek Revival style back in the days of yore when women wore big hoop skirts, voluminous dresses and were courted by men for months if not years. Poplar Grove was owned and farmed by the Foy family until the 1970’s. It became a museum in 1980 and is now on the National Register of Historic Homes. Would you like to know what they grew back in the good ole days?

MmmMmm… peanuts. Or as some of us like to say Goober Peas 🙂 Notice anything unusual about those? Here I will give you a hint.

Yes indeedy. Boiled or fried you gotta love the Goober Pea. These beauties are from Carolina Peanuts of Hampstead, NC. His site is under construction but if you are like me and can’t live without a bag of peanuts call 910-443-6772.

Of course there is a plethora of  gorgeous organic vegetables to be found from many of our local farmers.

Radish salad anyone?

You guys know what I did with these green beauties, Fried Green Tomato BLT’s

Let us not forget herbs, plants and flowers for the garden.

See… an abundance of botanical beauties to choose from.

Angela’s! This woman is a staple in households all across town. Some can’t live without her and I suppose a few can’t live with her, Hot! HOT! HOT! My darlin’ is one who can’t live without her goody jars. He is beyond TICKLED when I come home with one. You have to go online and check out her variety of Pepper Pickled Foods, there are just too many to list.

Then there is this vendor. I have decided that I am taking up residence in their kitchen. Even if they only feed me the crumbs I will be ecstatic. I am a dough girl through and through.

Pretty please make me a palette by the oven Oh Fabulous La Gemma-Fine Italian Pastries.

As luck would have it there are two places here that I can feed my need for delicious dough products. The Great Harvest Bread Co. also has a table at the market and I sort of do live at their shop 🙂

Delicious entrepreneurship at it’s best. Big Sugar Waffles were a wonderful early morning discovery. They bake the syrup right into the waffles. Monkey Two appreciated the thick, buttery, caramelized sugar treats as well. He is a dough boy just like his momma.

We are also fortuante enough to have local pottery,


Jewelery…Pixie Dust Jewelry by local artisan Kat Eckhardt 910-270-9444

Butterfly houses,

Squirrel feeders-you actually get to see the little guy siting in the jar munching 🙂

Birdhouses and bird feeders all custom made from reclaimed cypress wood and old barn roofs. Thanks  Chalie’s Barn I will take one of each please. If you love them as much as I do here’s their email reneerawls@embarqmail.com

And last but not least homemade treats for King Zach of the Dreadlocks. I promise to write & show photos of  him soon but my big beastie needs a shave and that takes two adults. Not one the same size as him…picture that if you will.

I hope that you all enjoyed a stroll through one of my local farmers markets. I will be showing the others in the future. I am off now to make some yummies for you guys. I have not posted something delicious since last weeks BLT, can you believe it?

If a glimpse of this plantation home has put you in a Gone with the Wind sort of mood, you know Mint Juleps shady old oaks and such, you can always look at this post again Chocolate Mint Cheesecake. It fits perfectly into that scenario.

In the meantime I have floors with enough sand that hermit crabs have taken up residence, not good for the toes my friends. I also need to get busy in the kitchen. Catch you all soon.

Tickled Red

PS: Dear Vendors, if I happened to leave out your business information I promise that I will be rectifying that in the very near future. I will be back to restock my pantry and grab some more business cards 🙂 Thank You for the wonderful local products that you all provide our community.