I love living at the beach. I love the sand, when it is not all over my floor or at the bottom of my washing machine. I love  everything about the ocean, it’s ever changing colors, the sound of the waves and the smell of salt in the air. Lets not forget my wonderful southern brethren and beach life in general. Every little thing about it TICKLES me… except the sun.

The sun is not my friend. It is my nemesis. I want to be friends with the sun, truly I do. Sunny days make me happy and put a pep in my step. I love to be outside goofing around, riding bikes, gardening and simply enjoying life. Not to mention the Vitamin D is always a plus but the affect of the suns rays on my Hydro Glow skin is a cruel twist of fate.

Yes that is me, sorry about the focus but I never take photos of my self. Yes I do know better after thirty some odd years of living in this skin. Just call me Candy in the morning baby…(name that rewritten tune). There are occasions though where I miss some spots with the sunblock and end up looking like a stick of Juicy Fruit. I am dreading my trip to the dermatologist.

Mrs. Red you are married to a surfer?

Yes! Why yes indeedy. That I am 🙂

And he spends all of his time at the beach?

Yes. Well 90% of his time is spent at the beach since he competes and coaches. You could say the beach is his office 9 months out of the year.

And you are with him at the beach? Watching contest? In the blazing sun?

Ummm…yesss. Most of the time. I do however wear sunblock and hide under a tent. That is when I am not taking photos (squirm), or goofing around with the monkeys (wiggle), which would be (cough) often.

Mrs. Red do you know the statistics of getting Melanoma for  someone with your complexion and hair color?

Yes doctor I do but I have a condition.

A condition? What condition?

I have an incurable case of the Ga Ga’s.

Excuse me! The what?!

The Ga-Ga’s. You haven’t heard of this disease? It has been documented.

Documented where might I ask?

I have talked about it on my blog. What? Doesn’t that count?

No Mrs. Red that does not count. Who diagnosed you?

Oh, I am self diagnosed going on 15 years now. Some days are better than others but I am managing the Ga Ga’s as well as can be expected being married to my surfer and all.


But doctor I reeaallly do have the Ga Ga’s! I swear.  Also I seem to have developed an new condition over the years due to the monkeys called Wahoo. I need help, some serious help.

How am I supposed to get a handle on the Ga Ga’s with this in my face?

Tee hee… nipple shot, sorry had to say it. DROOL BUCKETS! Serious Ga Ga material folks.

How do I go a whole summer of missing out on moments like these? I don’t like being left out of the fun ya know.

Wahoo! Wait for me monkeys!

Geez Louise! See man, my conditions are for real. I wouldn’t be fluctuating between hedonistic thoughts and maternal compulsions to be included with my monkeys if they weren’t. Feeding the Ga Ga’s and now my Wahoo’s are a must. I have to be out in the sun or they will just build up and get worse. I’ll loose my top like that Volcano in Iceland if I don’t get my fix or daily dose of wetsuits, board shorts and monkey fun.

Mrs. Red I am going to recommend another dermatologist for you… a female one. I am also giving you the name of a highly recommend psycho-therapist for your other issues. Please take better care of your skin in the future, call the therapist and farewell.

Wetsuit Hint-Think Kilt 🙂

Man, Oh man! The tips and tricks I can tell you about sunblock. I know the ins and outs like nobody’s business. Being as fair as I am and living at the beach it is an ingrained routine  and a daily requirement. Obviously I am not perfect. When I’m not distracted or in a rush I usually don’t end up looking like a zebra.

Here are my tips and suggestions for sunblock whether you live at the beach or on a glacier.

1. Apply your sunblock at least 20 min. before your designated outdoor fun filled activity and let it absorb into your skin. Especially if it involves water.

2. Don’t be a dork like me and miss some areas. Even rub it in under the outer edge of your clothing or swim suit. Fabric shifts and moves…joy, fun, yipee.

3. Cream sunblocks are good for letting you know that you haven’t missed a spot but Gel sunblock works best for your water activities. I have yet to find a cream sunblock that does not rub off into your eyes even after it has absorbed for 20 min. or longer.

4. Please remember that sand and water reflect the sun’s rays back up at you. It may not be hot out, it may be cloudy but  you can still get sun burnt. Wear your sunblock and sunglasses my darlins’.

I realize that ya’ll probably already know these tips but I can’t help and remind everyone especially since I have changed my name to Candy this week. The name is Cane. Candy Cane and I like my skin white not striped.

Okay giveaway time. I am assuming that it is pretty obvious at this point. If you guessed sunblock give your self a high five. Although not any old sunblock. My absolute favorite, stay in the sun unconcerned 4-6 hours, super duper, amazing sunblock.


It is a bit greasy/sticky but it is my best friend in the summer. Now if only I would stop being a moron and apply it correctly.

In case you think I jest look at my sunburn photo again. That burn is from three and half hours of exposure. The lily white shoulder above has a one coat application of super duper sunblock on it. Gotta love it. Wish I had done a better application job 😦

I am giving away for this Monday is Giving-Giveaway, in a cute Ripcurl bag from Aussie Island Surf Shop,

One 4oz tube of Aloe Gator Gel 40+ spf

One tube of Aloe Gator Lip Balm (a yummy flavor I promise)

One bottle of Aloe Gator Green Stuff (in case you pull a dorky maneuver like I did)

Even if you do not live at the beach you will appreciate this giveaway. The same rules apply as last time.

” Let me know about your worst burn or a funny outdoor related story”

Comment on THIS post by 11:59 pm PST May 7th.

1 random winner will be announced by midnight May 8th. I will notify you by email and you will have 72 hours to respond before I have to choose a new winner.

If you live outside of the US , I want you to participate but we will need to split the shipping, them’s the breaks my pals.

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Have fun in the sun this summer ya’ll.


Tickled Red