Even though this was a random drawing I wanted to make sure that you all had fun and that I kept my monkeys occupied at the same time. Today also happens to be in the 80’s here, so why not Apple Bobbing?  That is indeed what we did by jotting everyone’s name on an apple.

Filling a tub with water.

Adding the lovely apples with my buddies, my pals names on them into the water.

Monkey One gave them a good spin for complete fairness. He unfortunately lost the coin toss to see who would bob for the winner to his younger brother 😦

Then…Bob Monkey Two! BOB!

Opps! Missed darlin’. Try again.

Opps! One more time monkey.

Good job monkey man 🙂 * Note to the winner-Please ignore the chicken legs in the background, those are not included in your prize.*

Congratulations Alecia!! You are the winner of one “Unclutter Your Life in One Week” book 🙂 I will be sending you an email soon. We had a blast bobbing for your name.

On a side note, I had to show ya’ll these before I call it a day.

Can I say “Full Metal Jacket”, in the bathroom psycho look!!  What’s up with that? Geez Monkey Two, I am not going to sleep at all tonight.

FYI Mr. Blue Eyes, if you don’t stop wrinkling your forehead now you will end up looking like a Klingon.  Just a little motherly advise my monkey.

Thank you all very much for participating in my first Monday is Giving-Giveaway. I had so much fun doing it. As for the apple bobbing that is just one of the many entertainments brought to you by Red Monkey Productions. Please stay tuned for more productions that are still in development.

Have a great weekend!

Tickled Red