*Note- Lengthy explanation about the giveaway just this once. Bare with me*

WAIT!!! Don’t go! You have not entered a different blog. No I have not been kidnapped and replaced by an alien impostor. Neither have I  joined an existential group with flowing colorful robes. I am only implementing a minor addition and consistency to the blog. Now I really have you all confused don’t I?

Oooooooo… Red has done lost her itty bitty mind for sure, or maybe it is aliens!? Does her skin look all pale and weird to you? I bet you anything there’s a lizard-like alien wearing her skin and it wants us to become Deepak devotees, meditate, burn incense and chant. EWWWW! RUN!

Don’t worry guys that’s not it at all. I am not the type of girl that you will see in the self help isle of the book store, well unless there are DIY books on how to reupholster a piece of furniture, organize your cabinets and de-clutter your house. I will admit though that I do own the book pictured above and I adore it. The seven principals work not only for the monkeys but myself as well. Probably because it is written in layman’s terms…short easy sentences work best for me ya know.

Right about now you are asking yourself, ” What is the point? Where is the connection between Deepak Chopra and consistency on Red’s blog? Hunh…what? “. Okay, here it is. In the book there is a differnet principle that you attempt to incorporate into each day. Monday happens to be the Day of Giving. Not only do you try and give something to someone, be it a compliment or a gift, you try to receive gifts graciously as well.

I would like to incorporate that principal into Tickled Red. From now on Monday is Giving- Giveaway Day. This is my way of saying Thank You to all of you who have been dropping by and chatting with me during what has been a few strange and trying months. I am naturally a positive person, laugh a lot and always look on the bright side of life but I have discovered that you can be happy and blue at the same time.

You all have kept my blues about loosing my job at bay and kept me from the funny farm, no pun intended 🙂  You have given me a way to fill some of those empty 9-5 hours as well some giggles, laughs, and TICKLES. My dusty and neglected creative soul  has been taken down from it’s shelf because of you all. Most importantly though ya’ll have offered friendship. So the least that I can do is giveback to you in some little way. I would bake, cook and garden for ya’ll all day long in your home but some of you live to far away and well I honestly don’t have enough frequent flier points.

I have done a giveaway once before with the ” What Is It? “ contest for kicks and giggles. That was fun, a bit difficult because I went a little overboard as usual, but fun nonetheless. I will probably do another ” What Is It? ” from time to time but you guys know me by now. Ya’ll know that I am a stream of conscious kind of gal. You never know what you are going to get with me from day to day. I like to keep you guessing and having fun. It will be the same with the giveaways and how you get your goodies.

Contests, quizzes or randomly selected. I like the idea if flexibility, don’t you? As for giveaways keep in mind that I am still laid off, out of work and what goodies are offered on here come from me, not a corporation. The people walking around in suits with iphones and ipads, don’t know that Tickled Red the goofball is hamming it up out here in cyberspace, or kicking it on the beach with her stud muffin and two nutty monkeys.

I can’t offer you all cameras or appliances but I will do my best to make the goodies on here interesting, fun or useful. There may be something that will go nicely with your garden, work well in your kitchen, a good read or just whimsical and kitschy. There might even be a few gifts made by me. I am crafty and still do art on the side 🙂

That being said here is your hint for this Monday…Organization.

I have organizing on the brain? It seems that I went from being able to balance a 9-5 job, two monkeys, soccer games, trade shows, surf contest and a home to… chaos. My theory is this- When you only have a certain amount of time to get things done, for lack of better phrasing, they get done. Now I seem to always say to myself, ” Oh I am home all week, I can get it done later”.

Ha!! Later has come and gone. My house is in a disorganized shambles. As much as my darlin’ loves me and likes to let me be who I am (faults and all) his anal retentive nature is starting to balk at the chaos that I have spread through out each nook and cranny of our home. If I don’t do something soon he may actually say something. That would be monumental. He may throw out a hint or two sometimes such as,

” It sure is nice when you can see what color the fan blades are, they are such a pretty color.” or…

” Honey, don’t you just love the rug in our room by the closet? The one under the clothes, was it green or white I can’t remember?  Anyway I do know that you picked out a fantastic rug honey.”

Although he would never actually come out and say,

“Hey Red! What in the world is growing behind the toilet? Have you seen the couch? I can’t seem to find it through all of your Reese’s wrappers, socks, sweat pants and blankets. Do you plan on ever cleaning again or what?”

He knows that would make me blow my little red top. Not on purpose ya’ll, it would be a reflex reaction entirely…but they are fiery reflexes.

That is why I am seeking the help of this book. For my sanity, his sanity and his safety.

Unclutter Your Life in One Week- by Erin Rooney Doland

I can not wait to read this book. I have always joked that I need Post It Notes for my Post It Notes. Erin also has the fantastic website Unclutterer.com. It has a wealth of organizational tips. As well as hints about how to get a handle on the little things that you have let build up, until they make the Pyramids of Giza look minuscule in comparison.

I am offering one book for a lucky Monday is Giving winner and I have of course ordered one book for my desperate, pathetic, disorganized self.

All you have to do is write a comment on the post about what is your biggest organizational challenge. Is it balancing work and home? Laundry and dishes? The desk that has disappeared under a mountain of papers or is it all of the magazines piling up that need to be reviewed for the recipes or tips inside? Whatever it may be let me know, I am curious if I am the only one at my wits end 🙂

What you need to do is…

Comment on THIS post by 11:59 pm PST April 30th.

1 random winner will be announced by May 1st. I will notify you by email and you will have 72 hours to respond before I have to choose a new winner.

If you live outside of the US , I want you to participate but we will need to split the shipping, them’s the breaks my pals.

Extra Entries: There is also a chance of getting a total of 4 entries by doing the following.

Tweet about this giveaway. Include @iamtickledred and a link to the giveaway in your tweet. Leave the link to your Twitter post in a comment. Yes I caved and now Tweet. It’s not so bad actually, it makes for a good excuse as to my messy house.

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Easy Peasy!

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Please remember to leave a separate comment for each of your entries letting me know. Be sure to leave your name and email address as well.

I hope that you all enjoy Monday is Giving . Thanks for all that you have given me over the past few months. I truly adore you all.


Tickled Red