I know, I know I am behind on my post. An emotional traumatic afternoon will do that to you. Monkey Two decide that the best way to end his school day would be to try and play tag with my van, as I was pulling out of my dad’s drive way. He caused everyone’s adrenaline to shoot through the roof and heart attacks to commence. Can I just state for the record NOT TICKLED, at all.

Poor little monkey thought that I had forgotten him. Once I stopped seeing horrific visions flashing before my eyes I had a heart to heart with my should have known better 8 yr old.

“Son”, I said ” This is the South not NY. You don’t have to hang onto the side mirror of the car, trying to hale me like I am a yellow cab. We have over sized porches here for a reason and you keep your cute little tush on it with your Pa-Pa. If mom happens to keep going well, DUDE!, that’s what cell phones are for.”

Poor monkey, he’s wishing right about now that I had lost my temper, yelled at him or punished him in some way. I spent the entire evening giving him squeeze hugs, kisses and petting him in general every five minutes all night long. I almost slept on the floor by his bed. It’s pure torture for my lil’ guy who like his personal space. He’s fine not a scratch and I was good to go after a bottle of wine to ease the adrenaline crash to my system JK.Β  Anyhoo I digress…back to gardening.


Can I tell you all how much I love gardening…I do. I caught myself humming nearly all afternoon. It’s funny because I was humming P.O.D’s- Alive, specifically the lyric, ” I feel so alive… for the very first time”. It just occurred to me, those words could apply to the plants as well as myself, nifty thought. When I think of gardening I think of my Granny who lived in the Appalachian Mtns. She looked just like Granny Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies, I swear. Only she was a sweetheart and didn’t wear combat boots. I can’t be sure about the gun, however she did dip snuff. The gardening tips that I have listed below come from her, through my parents and down to me. Now to my monkeys and you all.

Some of you may already know these tips, if you do sit back and relax while I pass on the knowledge to some other deserving folks. I know a couple in particular who could use some help with their green thumbs. I have your back Jess @Sublime Design or your plants back so to speak. Also you never know, you might discover something new along the way.

Eggshells & Coffee Grounds

Eggshells and coffee grounds go hand in hand. They are gardening’s BFF’s. They are a natural fertilizer and a One-Two Punch pick me up for your veggie garden or your houseplants. Eggshells provide calcium and coffee grounds provide nitrogen. Usually what you find in the fertilizer that you buy minus of course the extra added goodies that you don’t want in your garden.

All you have to do is save the eggshells from when you are creating all of those wonderful masterpieces in the kitchen, I drool over them daily so don’t tell me otherwise. Wash them, dry them and crush them. The easiest way I find to crush them is in a towel.

Sometimes you will have a membrane that didn’t wash out completely. That’s okay just scrape off the shell and toss away the membrane.

See easy peasy!

Then all you have to do is sprinkle them around your veggie plants especially your tomatoes or in your house plants. If you happen to be just planting put the shells in first.

Another tip, when you hard boil eggs do not toss out the water. The water has calcium from the eggs so let it cool and use it to water your house plants.

The coffee grounds are even easier. All you have to do is set them aside and let them dry out. Gee that was strenuous…whew! πŸ™‚Β  Sprinkle the grounds along with the shells for nitrogen. They are also good for deterring bugs. Doubly Nice!


Regular all purpose flour.

Granny used flour in the garden strictly as a marker for those teeny tiny seeds like carrots or lettuce. This way you know exactly where you placed that little bugger down on the ground and don’t loose it. Please forgive my abused hands in all of the photos. I haven’t been wearing my gloves like I should.

Mix the seeds with the flour in a bowl.

Sprinkle them in a raised bed.

Or with carrots make a mounded row, sprinkle on top of the mound and just cover with dirt, not to deep. The flour ensures that you don’t miss a single seed.


Granny always had rows of marigolds in between her vegetable rows. They are a wonderful natural pest repellent. They also make your garden colorful, bright and beautiful.

Moth Balls

Does anyone out there know this one? Was it passed down to you as well? How about cats? Are cats turning your beautiful labor intensive garden into their personal litter box? Moth balls baby! Keeps those cats right out of any flower bed or garden. Don’t get me wrong I adore cats but if the moth balls don’t workΒ  I will let the monkeys use their paintball guns on them. Digging around in a litter box is just bloody gross.

They will just look like the cat who wanted to live in the zoo… all spotted and colorful. Just kidding folks I wouldn’t harm a hair on their heads, I promise.

I know that you all are going to think that I am a freak but I have always loved the smell of moth balls. These really do take me back to those days when I followed Granny around as she did her daily chores πŸ™‚

Look…I think Hansel and Gretel came this way, don’t you? See they left a trail of white stones to find their way back home.

Nothing TICKLES me quite so much as having dirt under my nails so I hope that you all are having fun in the dirt and remember, “Everyday is Earth Day”, see it doesn’t matter that I am a day late πŸ™‚

Share your passed down or just learned gardening tips. I truly am interested.


Tickled Red