National Food Bloggers Bake Sale-TARHEEL GIRLS

Ending Childhood Hunger One Cupcake at a Time!!!

*Bake Sale this Saturday 4/17 8am-2pm*

TEAM TARHEEL GIRLS will be holding the bake sale in conjunction with the ESA Surf Contest in Carolina Beach, NC. Since this is a contest the exact venue will either be at Hamlet St. or Canal St. as you know surfers are gypsy’s and go where the waves are. We of course will follow. The two locations are only a few blocks apart from each other so it will still be easy to find us.

Also if baking is not your thing please donate under our team name TARHEEL GIRLS at the Share Our Strength home page or click here.

So come check out our local kids competing in the surf contest and buy some delicious treats to support our youth through Share Our Strength. Check back Friday for the exact location.

If you would like to participate, bake or help out please drop a note through my contact page. We could always use your support :)

We would like to say Thank You very much to the ESA for stepping up and helping out a wonderful cause.

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