Oh my darlin’ baby boy where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that you were eating sand by the truck load and crawling around after your big brother. Fortunately you have given up your gourmet designs on sand. You still follow where Monkey One leads yet you march to the beat of your own drum. There is no one else like you and I am so very thankful that you are mine.

You have always had an innate confidence and self assurance that you could figure most anything out on your own. Not to mention being a touch more daring, fearless and ready to tackle any obstacle that happens to be in your way. For you it has never been a question of how you would go around something. You always go over it or through it without a second thought or questioning look back over your shoulder. My walking contradiction, you are more like me than even I ever realized. Although you keep your feelings close, are wonderfully unassuming like your dad and never go looking for the spot light; there are those infectious occasions where your joy for life draws everyone to you.

Overall enthusiasm!, overall enthusiasm!, overall enthusiasm!…

Your big brother may have taught me how to be a mom but you have brought an extra dose of adventure into it. I don’t know what I would ever do without your spontaneousย  expressions of love, the maps to find your love letters or the sneak attacks of, “I love You Mom”ย  that come out of nowhere from behind.ย  Please do that always and forever.

As I sit here reflecting on that day eight years ago, the one where you had to have your way on when you would enter this world, I can feel the time rushing by me. You are getting older. I know that I am supposed to let you, that I should look forward to all of the possibilities and wonders ahead of you but just for this moment, this brief fleeting moment, I think that Eight is Enough please. Lets stop here okay. I am not ready yet for you to spread your wings and fly away. Time is moving too quickly for me.

Can you please stop growing and stay this innocent with me by your side forever? No! Okay then I will stop whining now and just wish you a very Happy Eighth Birthday.

Do me a favor though as you grow into a fabulous young man and are enjoying the exciting numerous adventures ahead of you …stop sucking on your upper lip please Mr. Cuteness ๐Ÿ™‚

We will all love you always and forever just the way that you are and do our very best to let you fly as high as possible on your amazingly brave, creative, sweet wings.

You TICKLE all of us too no end and though your big brother my not say it everyday, he wouldn’t know what to do with out you either.

Tickled Red