Do you know what this is?

Does this angle give you a better idea?

If you guessed pollen give yourself a high five. We have stream’s of yellow here folks. I apologize if this post induces compulsive sneezing or itchy and watery eyes.

Our cars around town are covered in it. Either you wash them a dozen times in a week or…

You are content to deal with your car looking like Tinker Bell had a fit all over it.

I love this. Someone was in awe of the first dusting and put their hand print on their car. Then they realized they had a long way to go, hence the double dusting affect of the hand print. This person is holding out for the next rain storm.

Look at how the pollen is embedded into the cracks and crevices of the porch.

You might not know this but surfers use wax on their boards for grip. Surf Wax is not yellow.

Ahhh… gold dust grip for my darlins’ feet…he’s worth it.

Even little Miss Ladybug has the privilege of traipsing her dainty feet across gold dust covered pathways.

A dusting of pollen on nature is necessary though. I can deal with living in a yellow land for a while if it helps the yummys grow ๐Ÿ™‚ MmmMmm strawberries.

Just a little sympathy from me. This is for those ofย  you who are sneezing a dozen times consecutively like my poor monkeys. Good news ya’ll, we are getting a thunderstorm tonight,relief is on it’s way.

So how is the pollen in your area? Do you live in Yellow Land as well? I would love to know.

Tickled Red