To Twitter or Not To Twitter?

That is my question. I am at a crossroads and I do not know which way to go? Should I take that next leap into social networking? Is it worth it? What value does it have? Will I ever have the time to do it all? Blog, Face Book, Tweet, clean my house, raise my kids, pamper my darlin’  and most importantly have a life? Can I Tweet on an antiquated cell phone or do I need to upgrade? If I choose not to Tweet am I a complete weirdo for my age?

Will I be just one of the many followers going along with the next new thing? Will I loose my identity if I do? I have had an issue with being a follower since kindergarten…

Mom: ” How was your first day of school?”

5 Yr Old Red: “Okay but what is with this LINE UP thing? I didn’t like that at all.”

Mom: ” Oh boy! I can see the road ahead of you now.”

Do I succumb to the pressure that I feel is hounding my every cyber footstep?

” Yo lady?  What gives?Why ain’t you Tweetn’ yet ” ?

” She needs a talkin” to Vinny!  She’s not being hip or cool”

” Hey Red. C ‘ Mere a minute, we need to Tweet ! “

Do I answer the call?

The very annoyingly loud…

” RED!!! You are not with the times! Get with it already why don’t you!”

If I am considering the possibility of not Tweeting, does it make me obsolete or a fuddy duddy?

Do I fall for the cute little blue bird? Is he really all that he seems to be? Something about that wink has me twitching.

Will it feel heaven sent to finally be connected via the blue bird? Will I heave a satisfied sigh of relief once I do?

Or will my days be Twitted away? Hoping to be accepted and wanted. Will I be fulfilled with updates of the tiniest little occurrences every few minutes or will I need more?

How is Twitter working out for you? Is it a positive or a negative in your life? Does it even make a difference either way? I am a natural born skeptic.

Advise, suggestions and input requested most adamantly please!

Tickled Red