See that guy? My cutie, my surfer, my love. Yes that guy. He is an instigator, BIG TIME! A trouble maker with a capitol T and he struck this Easter Sunday. Don’t let the cuteness fool you folks.

Neither should you let this look hide his true nature from you. 90% of the time he morphs into what I call his stern and tough guy look whenever a camera is around. My darlin’ is not a fan ofย  cameras.

This however is his true nature. It is why I fell hopelessly head over heels into Ga Ga Land never to return. My love plays. He enjoys himself, he has fun and he lives life to it’s fullest. This man of mine constantly makes me go Bubububububu. Kinda like Goldie Hawn in the movie Over Board. Yep seriously bad Ga Ga’s for this guy. My brain ceases to function properly…see… I lost my train of thought. Okay moving on before I cross the line into shameless hedonism and forget my point altogether.

My love. He can take our two quiet, calm, respectful young men and turn them into hootin’ and hollerin’ monkeys. He is a closet mischief maker ya know. He is the biggest monkey of them all.

Our day always starts out benign and innocent. Then you start to pick up on a certain gesture,ย  specific look, a tone of voice and you know. Your instincts warn you that no good is about to happen. Monkey One gets this. Something’s coming, he can feel it deep down in his bones. You can tell that his instincts have kicked in by his smile. His radar has not missed the mischievous vibes emanating from behind him. Then he hears the ever so subtle jibe of, “Hey son. Your Easter candy sure does taste good”. Instigator in action.

The jibe worked. You don’t ever take one of the monkeys candy and expect to get away with it for long. My boys also know that they can’t beat their dad fair and square either. So my oldest decides on a hit a run approach so to speak. Hoping to getย  his stolen candy back via distraction.

Nice try but no cigar kiddo. Dad never once spilled a drop of Diet Coke or stopped eating the candy that he stole. Look he is still munching away back there. At least you got away unscathed my son…this time.

Would you like to see how round two turns out? Look closely at the blue shirt in the background. That would be Monkey One. This time he goes for the ole’ sneak attack. Oops, he’s gotcha!

Still not a drop of Diet Coke spilled by Dad and no candy recovered.

Alright that does it, both of you guys are bad influences. Look at my youngest child. Now he has the hair brained notion to sneak attack someone.

And right on top of me to boot. Yipes!

At least our youngest seems to be the better tactician. He doesn’t go after the insurmountable obstacle of his dad. Not my smart little guy, he goes after his big brothers bag of candy. Dad’s not loving this at all is he?

Monkey Two scores! You had better run like the wind baby. Your big brother won’t suffer loosing his candy to both you and dad.

Yes sirree, I have always told you never to gloat. It catches up with you, pun intended. Well of course I couldn’t let my guys out shine me and have all of the fun. I am good at sneak attacks too ya know ๐Ÿ™‚

Gotcha my love’! Not to mention smooching you is always a bonus, so I get the double whammy in points…SCORE!

Now how can I blame my boys for their shenanigans when they come from this man? Can I expect anything less from them when they look UP to him? Literally! Geez you crazy extremest. Could you stop being a monkey, daredevil, bad influence for one minute?

Oh I give up. I am outnumbered and surround by testosterone 24-7. To be honest I wouldn’t change it for all the money or jewels in the world. They keep me on my toes and my days filled with laughter. Not to mention I could just eat them all three with a spoon. Thanks for the perfect Easter Sunday guys. You TICKLE me always and forever.

I am off to see what they are getting into now. Has my darlin’ taught them to bungee from the trees? Jump a ravine with their mountain bikes? Scale the roof with nothing but a shoe string and a piece of gum? There is no telling.

Wish me luck! Send prayers ๐Ÿ™‚

Tickled Red