Please don’t be upset with me but my Sunday Strawberry Surprise became a strawberry, ” Oops where did the time go? “. My weekend was so busy that I didn’t get a chance to bake and document the process for you all.

I know what I am doing all day tomorrow.

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you had a terrific time but were never home? That was this weekend. We had a sleepover, three soccer games, two surf contests and two birthday parties. I know spring is here now for sure.Β  As with every spring, hectic weekends are here again…and I am not complaining one bit.

To make up for not posting the strawberry recipe here are a few photos from our busy weekend. I wish that I could highlight all of them but I was a spaz and left my camera at home by accident. I know…I am a big dork. At least I did remember the camera some at all.

During our soccer filled weekend we missed dad’s surf contest 😦  but look at Monkey One go.

BAM! Can you find the ball? I promise it’s in there.

That’s my monkey! Hold him off.

Ummm monkey…he is WAY bigger than you. Okay… I’ll leave you alone and stop worrying. Maybe.

A goal? Maybe? Definitely moving faster than my shutter speed. Yes, I learned a new photography term today, aren’t you proud of me?

Nope, over. That’s okay…next time darlin’.

Then the weather dropped. I think some mid-west people were sending the cold chill our way. I’ll take it… only if coffee and a few good books are provide for when I am cooped up. Hint, Hint πŸ™‚

Look at poor Monkey Two…my baby was cold.

Here Monkey Two have a blanket. Hey booza…Hungh…I love you…Wuh?…never mind my darlin’, get warmed up.

Before the temperature dropped, the Kung Foo kicks and the multiple battle royals on the field my monkeys were flying high at Miss Heathers Birthday party.

I think this one will have to be my screen saver from now on πŸ™‚

After the monkeys tried to reach theΒ  stratosphere this proceeded to take place.

A cute young lady came along.

She knocked Monkey One down.

My boy got himself right back up.

He proceeded to toss his entire bag at her thinking that would knock her down.

Nope…down he goes.

Victory for girls everywhere! Even Monkey Two is glad that his big brother went down. Ummm…you two should know better.

I can’t help it but that song “Oops upside the head, say oops upside the head” keeps coming to mind when I look at these.

I should be upset with my son for smiling after bopping a girl upside the head; but I did warn her. That is a look of sweet redemption.

I warned you as well little man, running won’t help now.

Always remember to side with your family darlin” πŸ™‚

I apologize again for not having that recipe for you guys. I feel so guilty there will probably be two or three posted back to back.

Well my darlin’ surfer is zonked out on the couch from his contest filled weekend and it’s midnight here. IΒ  have had the best weekend. I hope that you were TICKLED with yours as well.

Catch you all on the flip side tomorrow.

Tickled Red