The weather today is 70 degrees. You might have guessed already but just in case you didn’t… I am ecstatic.

I was able to play in the yard today and not freeze my fingers off. That being the case I took advantage of the spectacular weather to enjoy a couple of hours fixing this pitiful site. You need fingers that can wiggle, bend and get in small places to do this job.

I have two of these blue planters on either side of my steps filled with ivy and throughout the year I plant accompanying flowers to go along with it. The ivy always trails beautifully along the walk, until someone trips over it.  As you can see the Geraniums have withered and died as well. This spring I have decided to change them up…wanna see?

When I was out scouring the last of the fall yard sales I came across these two topiary frames for .25 each. Please ignore my poor barren porch it sees no love until the spring. Poor baby.

I found the topiary frames at my best friends Grandmothers house of all places. Kimmie and I have been attached at the heart strings since high school and she made the decision to live with her grandmother her senior year rather than move back to Cincinnati with the rest of her family. That was the best decision she ever made. I couldn’t picture my life without her.

Stopping at that sale brought back a wealth of memories in that particular house and yard. It just so happens that Kimmie’s Grandmother owns a plant rental business. She has seven pristine acres of land with huge old oak trees, creatively landscaped outdoor rooms and lovely greenhouses. It was magic, even to a eighteen year old, and I always wanted to live there myself.

Anyway, back to the planters… I removed all of the dead, as much of the oaks leaves as possible and even the ivy. If you don’t play with plants often be careful with the roots when you transplant. I made sure to put the topiary base down far enough so that the dirt was nearly half way up the post. you want to make sure that, if a stiff Nor-Easter blows through, you won’t find your topiary on the other side of town.

Plant the ivy towards the back of the post. That way your flowers will take center stage in the front. Then you get to do the fun part. Weave. Wind your ivy one strand at a time up the post and then start weaving around the circumference of the circle.

I hope that you can see my pattern of  OVER…UNDER…OVER…UNDER.

Do this with all of the tendrils moving your way up the circle similar to weaving a bowl.

If you have some super long tendrils, weave a few of those around and up the outer side of the circle until you reach the top circle, then continue weaving around the smaller circles circumference.

Also when you are winding each strand around the base post be sure to go in different directions. This will keep it from being heavy on one side, keep the strands from lying on each other too much and cover the post in a nice braid.

Plant your favorite flowers all around and fill it up. I chose pansies because it isn’t spring without pansies and daffodils. Pansies also work well because it is still cool in the evenings and could frost.

There was a crooked woman, who lived in a crooked house, who had a crooked topiary… 🙂 Nah! She doesn’t know how to use her camera.

I can’t wait for them all to bloom. My planters will be overflowing with an abundance of beautiful purple blooms.

I always imagined Tinkerbell having a slide made from a flower blossom. See it looks like such fun.

Stamen: The only term regarding the biology of a flower that I remember from those long, long ago school days.

Okay I am done playing with my camera and torturing you guys with my amateur  shots.

If you are one of the few people to actually read this gardening post in it’s entirety, you haven’t fall asleep or left immediately wondering, “What has happened to RED’s cooking? Where are all of the recipes?” you get a teeny  tiny reward.  You will be one of the first to get a hint about what is coming next on Sunday.  Here goes…Strawberry.

Since I am on the predictable side it won’t be hard for you to figure it out.

I am off to plant some Inpatients now. Have fun in your gardens today.

Get a little dirt under your nails…I know that doing so TICKLES me.

Tickled Red