Monkey Two insisted that I pass along this unique Hansel and Gretel interactive game to you all. Seeing as how I once dreamed of being a costume designer I couldn’t resist sharing it with you either. Oh Broadway… I still hear your call, ever so faintly, on occasion.

This is the most creative way that I have ever seen, other than attending a live production, of introducing young children to theater arts. As with anything though, please check it out first to see if you feel that it is age appropriate for your child. Some of you might consider it a little dark but then again so is the fairy tale. I myself have never had a problem with dark fairy tales and adore it’s Tim Burton like quality. Approx. age 5-9 (just my guess) but I guarantee that Monkey One will get a kick out of it as well and he is twelve.

This is a visually striking interactive game where your child can learn a little bit about all of the different jobs and aspects of what it takes to put together a musical production.

There are three acts to Hansel and Gretel and your child is in charge. They are the costume designer, choreographer, set designer, prop manager and much more.They get to change Hansel and Gretel’s costumes, how they dance, hit them with the spotlight and make the witch fly.

During each act there are informational scrolls off to the side with hints as to the emotion of the music in the opera and what to listen for in the next scene. At the intermission there is an orchestra game that teaches them about the different sections and instruments that make up an orchestra.

When the opera ends you get to go to my favorite part of any stage… backstage. Backstage is set up to give you information on subjects such as the composer, what an opera is, a glossary and a teacher resource section. What a wonderful way to be introduced to the theater, it is just to much. Talk about TICKLED this little program made my entire evening.

I wish that I was able to show you more glimpses of the game but you will just have to check it out for yourselves. Click here to go straight to the game. This site also has many other tools and games for children to learn about music, not to mention teacher resources. This is also a wonderful site for homeschooling parents interested introducing  music and theater arts into their lesson plans.

Now if you are not a parent and have stumbled upon my post go ahead and pass it along to some of your friends who have monkeys running a muck. Even nieces, nephews, godchildren and grandchildren would get a kick out of it.

If you play the game it let me know what you or your children thought about it. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tickled Red