A Treasure Chest. My monkeys have one. I had one when I was growing up. Did you have a treasure chest as a child?

Mine held all of those inconsequential tid-bits and do-dads that all children seem to be attracted to. Rocks, feathers, shells, marbles and such that always  seem to wind up in pockets to be stored away in a box especially for such treasures.

Do you have a treasure chest now as an adult? I do.

It has little trinkets from nature walks to help remind me of a specific time or place. My favorite love notes from my three guys, cards from friends, sculptures that my monkeys have crafted and collections that I treasure. I thought that I would share the one material item in my house that I couldn’t possible live without. Nothing residing within it’s doors is of any significant monetary value. Although each and every item is to me a sentimental, precious, gem that I could not bear to lose.

I have a passion and an obsession for books, especially old ones.

A card from the boys preschool teacher. It looks so much like M2 when he was 3.

M1’s first attempt at pottery (candle holder) and a lovely, creative card from a new friend.

A cheetah made by M2, my first Balinese bust and an antique postcard from the Bahamas.

My favorite Balinese bust, M2’s sculpture of a character from Inkheart and part of  my book collection.

Glass vases full of shells and such that the monkeys have gathered. Each one also holds a fortune that the monkeys have opened.

My great grandfather’s record player and his record collection.

This old pie cabinet that stores my treasures beautifully was once my uncles. He was kind enough to let it come and live with me. I have never been so TICKLED!

I have always thought that being able to see what someone collects or treasures gives you a little bit of insight into that person. A better idea of how they view the world around them. I hope that you enjoyed the peak into my treasure chest or memory cabinet as some like to call them.

What is in your treasure chest or collection? Care to share 🙂

Tickled Red