Yes people, I am the big cheese-ball in the middle up there. Don’t get too used to seeing me in pictures folks. I am not a huge fan of self portraits at all but… Oh yeah! Redheads, ya gotta love them and yes I am 100 % biased πŸ™‚ .

I seem to have inadvertently, over time, created a collection of redheaded friends. In case you were wondering, it is somewhat odd for one redhead to have more than say two or three redheaded friends who are not related. No… it is not because our temperaments are not suited for one another, haha, in fact it is just the opposite. We get along famously. The reason is because there are so few of us pale skinned, flame topped people. Sad isn’t it? At least we can lay claim to Shaun White. Now a days with blogging it is getting easier to find those redheaded sisters.

Now I can add one more delightful lady to my mix of redheads. Her name is Kate aka The Quirky Redhead . She would be the beautiful lady on the right. She is braver than most and wears fabulous color with her gorgeous red hair. I am sooo envious of her haircut. It is too darn cute. Kate happens to be the second blogger I met who reached a friendly hand out to me. We hit it off right away via emails and it turns out she doesn’t live to awfully far from me either. Cool beans!

A lovely plan of meeting one another for lunch came to be. Since there is another fellow reddie blogger living nearby we turned it into a full fledged Redhead Convention. My long time friend the Pie Mistress aka Pie Pans and Pigtails would be joining us. She is the beauty to my left whom I have talked about on here previously. Remember ” Oprah are you reading this?”. Yes sir-rie that’s the one. The date was set and it happened to be at one of my favorite places. We all collectively crossed our fingers and held our breathes with anticipation. We also giddily emailed each other reminders for weeks until the day finally arrived.

Would you like to hear more about how our lunch date went? Are you sure? It may be funny or it may be sad and a complete disaster. Are you still sure? Okay then keep reading. Remember though, I am a jabber-jaw πŸ™‚ This may be long.

The day arrived and as is usual for me, I was fashionably late. Faux pas One

Lord knows I try really hard to be on time but 70% of the time the leprechauns in my life have other plans for me. They are not nice leprechauns. They are devious, mischievous and love to make me the punchline for everyone who may cross my path that day. At least I was only about 7 minutes late on this occasion. Kate and Pie Mistress were already seated at a table. Uh Oh! My nerves were starting to twitch. I get slightly klutzy and my jabber-jaw kicks into overdrive when my nerves twitch. Oh go away leprechauns. Tease me another day!

Trying my best to seem as calm, cool and collected as possible, I introduced myself and preceded to start to remove my jacket and sit down. Yeah right! On what planet can I get something as simple as removing my jacket correct. Not this one evidently. Thanks you wee beasties! Go play on a busy highway would ya!(I slip into fake Irish when fussing at the leprechauns, sorry)

First my cell phone feel out of my jacket pocket and tumbled loudly to the floor.. Faux pas Two

Keep smiling Red no one noticed. (There I go talking to myself again, a sure sign of trouble. Like talking to leprechauns is any better.)

I was able to retrieve the phone somewhat innocuously. Okay, everything is still good.

Kate was sweetness itself. She hadn’t noticed my all consuming weirdness…yet! She also has the most fabulous lyrical southern accent, it is ironic that her accent is what struck me first. Sorry, inside joke ya’ll. Don’t think Scarlett when you try to picture her. She is more like Melanie. Sweet serenity through and through.

But I was still working on trying to get my jacket off. Why? Oh, that’s right you don’t know yet. My jacket was now hung up on my bracelet and would not budge…at all! Please let go, PLEASE! Of course my bracelet had to be made from some super soft metal that would break if I yanked on it to hard. At this point I have been standing for what seems like an eternity making small talk. Oh Yeah! I stand up for days on end in restaurants and have small talk with new prospective friends everyday of the week, no biggie. Faux pas Three

Keep smiling Red, just keep smiling. Yo, Leprechauns! Make yourselves useful and get this dadgum jacket off of my arm so I can sit down like a normal human being!Β  I see you giggling over there in the corner you rats! Grrrrrrr!

Whew, the jacket was finally off. I could sit and finally focus on this new friend of ours, that was if she wasn’t wondering already, ” Who’s the dork that I met online”. Oh boy, my fingers were crossed at this point that nothing else happened.


“Ummm, sorry. That would be my phone…again. Sorry, I have extreme phone issues hahaha. Ummm…cough…yeah…you were saying? ”

Retrieved phone for the second time off of the floor. Faux Pas Four

The poor waitress at this point has asked me about three times what I would like to drink. Faux pas Five

Fortunately Kate and I knew what we would like for lunch since we have both dined at this restaurant before, not together of course, just an odd co-ink-a-dink.Β  Good ole Pie Mistress on the other hand, was having a wee bit of trouble deciding what to order. She was distracted. Between the very diverse, HUGE menu at our designated lunch spot and our joint excited, hyperactive, steamroll of a conversation over poor Kate; the Pie Mistress excusably, couldn’t possibly focus on food.

You see we plowed right over an unsuspecting innocent Kate. She never knew what hit her. Two crazy redheads who have 14 years of compiled, odd, weird, kooky history together… we of course dominated nearly the entire lunch. Faux pas Six

No more Faux pas, if I list them all we will be here forever.

To give you an idea of how much we talked, lunch actually slid into dinner time. Yep! Four hours later and the waitress who refused to refill our drinks anymore had clocked out for the day. The second shift was on the floor, the lights dimmed…a couple of times. Hint? Maybe?! I am still wondering about that one.

The good news is y’all that all of the faux pas were the normal little idiosyncrasies of life. Well normal for us redheads. Overall the day went well. Kate was able to share some of her life stories with us. We did stop talking for a few minutes at least. We moved our rip roaring, laugh a minute conversation to another venue; by the way I am probably banned from my favorite restaurant for life but it was well worth it.

Kate was a pleasure to meet and fit right in even though we steam rolled her in the beginning. Her innate kindness was visible from the very beginning. I look forward to getting to know her better as the days go by. I am charmed by her. She definitely TICKLED me, made me smile and made me laugh. I am so glad that we didn’t send her running for the hills. Nah! She saw right through our nerves. Bless her sweetness.

Pie Pans and Pigtails has a funnier version of this day on her site.

As usual I wish my pictures were better but I was to busy trying not to fall out of my chair. Seriously!

Tickled Red

P.S.- You don’t need to be a redhead to rock in my book. Blond, brunette, purple, pink, gray… it is all the same to me. If you are feisty, full of life and are true to yourself,Β  there in lies all of your inner redheadedness. So stick around. I enjoy meeting new people πŸ™‚