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National Food Bloggers Bake Sale

Calling all NC bloggers. Calling all local moms, bakery’s and restaurants!! The kids need you and your delicious yummys.

What do I mean the kids need your yummys? I am talking about child hunger. Did you know that nearly 17 million— almost one in four—children in America face hunger. Even with the efforts of the government, private-sector institutions and everyday American citizens like yourselves, millions of our children still do not have daily access to the nutritious meals that they require to grow up strong and healthy.

I think about food and menus all day and I mean ALL DAY! It is difficult for me to picture going one single minute with the knowledge that I might not be able to provide a meal for my child. Never mind all of the snacks that they expect in the afternoons. Could you imagine having to go an entire week before eating a complete meal because everyone in the family takes turns and only gets one good meal per week? I am very aware of how lucky and blessed my family is, even when we are faced with some difficult times.

Someone has thought of a brilliant fund-raising idea to help the  child hunger situation in America. Gaby with What’s Gaby Cooking? has organized the first annual National Food Bloggers Bake Sale which will be a part of  Share our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale fundraiser. This is a very creative and ingenious idea where bloggers (mainly food bloggers) across America will hold a bake sale in their state. This way readers will be able to go to a location in their state to taste some of their favorite bloggers yummy delicious desserts in person.

To find the location, as well as the blogger heading up your state, please click on What’s Gaby Cooking, Gaby’s site. If you are interested let her know and get involved. You can learn more about S.O.S by clicking on either of their highlighted names here, which will take you to their site as well . Funds raised through the Great American Bake Sale will support Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger in America by helping fund after school and summer feeding programs.

So when is this fabulous bake sale you ask? April 17th 2010. Hurry! Mark the date in your calendars now!

As you may have guessed by now, Gaby was gracious enough to let me head up the NC location. I am thrilled and extremely honored to be a part of this fundraiser. Thank you very much Gaby! If you are a NC blogger ( I know a couple of redheads) and are interested in being a part of the bake sale please leave a comment here with your contact information. You know that you want to bake for all of your readers and the kids. If you are a mom, concerned individual or a business also interested in being a part of this wonderful event, please do the same and leave a comment.

Come on everyone… pull out those muffin & cake pans, dust off your oven mitts and aprons.  It is time for the bake sale of all bake sales. I haven’t forgotten about you bakers and restaurateurs either. We could use your fantastic yummys, specialty desserts and expertise as well. Aren’t you just TICKLED and raring to go? I know that I am.

Lets all take our southern hospitality and charitable natures up an extra notch. 🙂 More information will be posted as the planning progresses.
PS: Cheesecake recipes to follow in a day or two.
Thanks Xoxo,
Tickled Red