I have to take a minute  today to talk about another blogger that I know. Colleen Kennedy aka  Souffle Bombay. She was one of the  first blogger’s to reach out with a friendly word when I started this little adventure. Not only is she funny, she is talented.  Soon she will be having a very big day. I thought that we could all show her some good old fashioned southern support…modern style.

Colleen along with three of her friends wrote this book, Picture Me Cooking.

Here in their own words, is a little synopsis of what their book is all about .

“Picture me cooking is more than just a children’s cookbook.  We like to think of it as a cookbook, an activity book, a keepsake all rolled into one.  The book is also a great conversation piece to share with family and friends.

We suggest you and the child or children in your life sit together and look over the book.  See what looks interesting and decide which recipes to make first.  We have provided a photo of each dish in the book to help your budding cooks get excited about what they want to make.

Once cooking, have your camera ready to take photos of your chefs in action. Take shots of what they are doing, who they are cooking with, their masterpieces and their disasters too!”

Now here is the big day part. Hold on to your seats…

As of now they are scheduled to be on QVC  Friday, March 5th 9am to 10am, promoting and selling their book! I know! Isn’t that great. I am so very excited for Colleen and her friends. What an amazing dream they are living right now. If there are any future schedule changes I will let you know.

In the mean time… let everyone know to drop by either of the sites or tune into QVC on March 5th to show them some support. Now you all know, that if you were going to be on camera in front of millions of people for the first time ever, that you would want a little TLC.

So good luck Colleen and ladies! I wish you the very best and from my old theater days…”Break a leg” ! 🙂

Tickled Red