Fun monkey photos to follow. I thought that I would start off the next group of snow day photos with things that do not necessarily go hand in hand when you imagine snowy covered landscapes. Such as our neighbors tropical oasis of palm trees and cacti in the above picture. I would never have put palm tree, cacti and snow in the same sentence before. It’s nice to know that I was able too.

The monkeys were entranced with the palm tree “Huts” as they called them. Hey Jaba, whenever you are ready to leave the dessert we have just the spot or you.

The butterfly are extremely happy that this is not the season for them. It would be mighty difficult to retrieve the nectar from this particular butterfly bush. Can we say frozen?!

Sea Shell & Snow? Something doesn’t belong here. That’s okay we loved it while it lasted.

Now for some fun photos of my monkeys and surfer.

Look mom! I made a hand print on the tree hut…cool!

Guess what John, look here. Our snowman has a belly button. Hee hee hee, a belly button.

That’s my baby! He took out the oldest boy in the neighborhood. Snowball fights have a way of evening out the odds for the little guys. I apologize. I have been surrounded by testosterone for so many years that I forget my compassion at times.

You are down and out!!

What happened?!? He did it? Man!!

A couple of my favorite guys. Ummm, guys? Shouldn’t that be a snowboard behind you? PS: You both need trims…soon.

My snow baby. He is my last one so I still get to call him my baby. He is growing up entirely too fast. I won’t be able to call him my baby for long. Out loud anyway.

Where’s Waldo? Oops…I mean where are the monkeys?

Monkey One is trying to be furtive.

You should know better Monkey One…

… and so the great snowball fight of 2010 begins.

King Monkey One of the Nordic Mountain Hooligans.

My little guys good buddy “Eggbert”. He now resides in the freezer.ย  Yes, he is still living there.

Alright, I will stop torturing you guys with my snow photos now. I will save the rest for another day waaaaaaay down the road. I promise to wait until at least the next forecast ofย  “possible” snow. So you guys have what, a week or two of recipes and funny stories until then?

If the weather warms up there could possibly be a post or two on refurbishing some pieces of furniture as well as a few art projects.

Thanks for letting me share ๐Ÿ™‚

Tickled Red